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EASEÉcole d'Architecture de Saint-Étienne (French: Saint-Étienne School of Architecture; Saint-Étienne, France)
EASEEast-Asian Associaiton for Science Education (Korea)
EASEEnabling Access to Sustainable Energy
EASEEngineering of Computer-Based Systems
EASEEquipment and Software Emulator (semiconductors)
EASEEuropean Association of Science Editors
EASEEstimation and Assessment of Substance Exposure
EASEEqual Area Scalable Earth (Grid)
EASEEnhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers
EASEEnglish Application Scripting Engine (Etelos Systems, Inc.)
EASEEdinburgh Authentication Service (web login service; UK)
EASEErgonomic Assist Systems and Equipment
EASEExperimental Assembly of Structures in Extravehicular Activity (NASA; space shuttle)
EASEEasy Access System for Enrollment
EASEEqual Area SSMI Earth
EASEElectrical Automatic Support Equipment
EASEEva Assembly of Structures Experiment
EASEExperiment Assurance System
EASEEmpirical Assessment and Evaluation in Software Engineering (Keele University; Staffordshire, UK)
EASEEvolutionary Acquisition for Space Efficiency (US DoD)
EASEElectronic Assisted Solicitation Exchange
EASEEnd-to-End System Analysis and Service Environment (software framework for geographically distributed processing)
EASEEnterprise Architecture for Service Enablement (workshop)
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There was neither surgeon nor medicines to be had, nor could I procure anything to ease my pain but a little oil, with which I anointed my arm, and in time found some relief.
Our greatness will appear Then most conspicuous, when great things of small, Useful of hurtful, prosperous of adverse We can create, and in what place so e're Thrive under evil, and work ease out of pain Through labour and endurance.
"They have been ill at ease since they were forced to accept so many human beings into their confidence.
Never in his life had he felt so supremely at his ease with one of the opposite sex.
Were your friends, the Allens, still in Bath, you might go to them with comparative ease; a few hours would take you there; but a journey of seventy miles, to be taken post by you, at your age, alone, unattended!"
Surely, with that note in your hand, your mind is at ease too?"
To ease the reader's curiosity, therefore, rather than his apprehensions, we proceed to inform him that an Irish peer had arrived very late that evening at the inn, in his way to London.
It shall be my care to see that you pass the rest of your days in ease and plenty.”
Therefore, he who considers both of these states will recognize great difficulties in seizing the state of the Turk, but, once it is conquered, great ease in holding it.
For if you reduce usury to one low rate, it will ease the common borrower, but the merchant will be to seek for money.
Yes; for Arthur was at ease about Hetty--not quite at ease about the past, for a certain burning of the ears would come whenever he thought of the scenes with Adam last August, but at ease about her present lot.
In her memories of Vronsky there always entered a certain element of awkwardness, though he was in the highest degree well-bred and at ease, as though there were some false note--not in Vronsky, he was very simple and nice, but in herself, while with Levin she felt perfectly simple and clear.