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EASIERElectronic Access System for Iowa Education Records (Iowa Department of Education)
EASIEREnhancing Application Software Implementation for Programmable Logic Controllers
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Elton?" said she; "that is the only security for its freshness; and nothing could be easier to you."
There was deep consciousness about him, and he found it easier to meet her eye than her friend's.
Nothing could be easier, then, than for David on this Sunday afternoon to decline going to church, on the ground that he was going to tea at Mr.
The practice of inhibiting impulses, which is to a great extent necessary to civilized life, makes mistakes easier, by preventing experience of the actions to which a desire would otherwise lead, and by often causing the inhibited impulses themselves to be unnoticed or quickly forgotten.
But it is found that a considerable portion of the satisfaction which these things would bring us if they were realized is to be achieved by the much easier operation of believing that they are or will be realized.
O, let me get into the bield of a house -- I'll can die there easier." I had no need to pretend; whether I chose or not, I spoke in a weeping voice that would have melted a heart of stone.
And the fact that he couldn't keep up the character, but confessed, makes him easier to believe in.
Lahore made registering property easier by streamlining and automating administrative procedures, and by increasing the transparency of its land administration system.
-- By 54% to 27%, more Americans name boys than girls when asked to say which sex is easier to raise, while 14% volunteer there is no difference.
The lake has two existing boats for disabled anglers but Terry said the new design would make life much easier. He said: "It will allow me to have easier access onto the boat through a specially adapted side door."
California [United States], June 22 ( ANI ): In light of the major privacy scandals plaguing the internet, Google has decided to make it easier for users to tweak their privacy and security settings.