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ECHOExtended Care Health Option (TRICARE supplement)
ECHOExploring Cultural Heritage Online
ECHOElectronic Clearing House, Inc
ECHOEuropean Community Humanitarian Office
ECHOEducational Concerns for Hunger Organization (Florida)
ECHOEuropean Commission's Humanitarian Aid Office
ECHOEnforcement & Compliance History Online (EPA website)
ECHOEthnicity, Culture and Health Outcomes
ECHOExecutive Council of Homeowners
ECHOEuropean Commission Host Organisation (online database in all European languages)
ECHOEuropean Cultural Heritage Online (international cultural project)
ECHOEnteric Cytopathogenic Human Orphan (virus)
ECHOElder Cottage Housing Opportunity
ECHOEmergency Care Help Organization
ECHOExperience of Care and Health Outcomes
ECHOExpressive Communication Help Organization
ECHOEOS Clearinghouse
ECHOEuropean Chronicles Online
ECHOEconomic, Clinical and Humanistic Outcomes (measurment of disease and therapeuthic outcomes)
ECHOEvangelical Christian Humanitarian Outreach
ECHOEarth Observing System Clearinghouse
ECHOEarly Childhood Higher-Education Options
ECHOEnvironmental Conservation Hotlinks
ECHOExperiment for Coordinated Helioseismic Observations
ECHOEcological, Cultural, Heritage and Outdoors
ECHOEastern Co-operative Health Organization
ECHOEvery Citizen Has Opportunities, Inc.
ECHOEgyptian Cultural Heritage Organization
ECHOExpected Consequences of Hearing Aid Ownership
ECHOEmergency Counter-Hostilities Organization (spy game)
ECHOEach Community Helps Others (EPA program)
ECHOEtudiants-Chercheurs de l'Onera (French)
ECHOEcology, Culture, History, Opportunity
ECHOEvery Child Holds Opportunity (Sacramento, CA special education coalition)
ECHOEnvironmental, Cultural, Historic and Outdoor
ECHOEmerald Centre for Hope and Outreach
ECHOEducated Choices Heighten Opportunities (Yarmouth, ME)
ECHOEcumenical Community Helping Others, Inc.
ECHOExpertise Centrum Hoger Onderwijs (Belgium)
ECHOExpanded Characteristic Option
ECHOEmotions, Cognitions, Heredity and Outcome (psychiatry)
ECHOEnhanced C4isr for Homeland Security Operations
ECHOEvolutionary Capability for HQ Operations
ECHOCall sign for electronic warfare test range at China Lake
ECHOElderly Citizens Holiday Organisation (Australia)
ECHOEscherichia Coli Help Organization
ECHOElectronic Communications with Home Office (State Farm Insurance)
ECHOEarth Change Hazard Observatory (radar satellite proposed to NASA and CNES)
ECHOEmerson Heights Community Organization (Indianapolis, IN)
ECHOEnglish Conversation Hello Okay (English Speaking Club in Korea)
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reimbursement for the cost of the echocardiogram up to a specified
The study involved 160 fetal echocardiograms performed before the 16th week, with an average gestation time of 13.
Our study describes for the first time, to our knowledge, equally low levels of obtaining echocardiograms and renal ultrasonography, which are recommended by national hypertension guidelines, by adolescents with essential hypertension," the authors note.
Echocardiograms, exercise tests, and ischemic evaluations fall on the next tier.
The echocardiograms spotted heart defects in three of the four fetuses that had them, resulting, in a sensitivity of 75%.
Each computer was equipped with a desktop videoconferencing system (Medpac, Bradford Group Ltd, Raleigh, NC), which digitized an analog videotape of an echocardiogram with a lossy video-compression algorithm (H.
12 In patients with suboptimal echocardiograms, DEFINITY([R])enables physicians to visualize the borders of the heart more clearly.
The echocardiograms were done between 1989 and 1996 in men and women who were at least 18 years old.
Although few obstetricians will ever do a fetal echocardiogram themselves, knowing when to ask for one and how to guide their patients through the results is a valuable asset, according to one expert.
With the echocardiogram machine, the same top-of-the-line model used for humans, she can examine the cat's heart on a monitor, looking for abnormalities.
Transthoracic echocardiography, the most common type of echocardiogram, uses a transducer on a person's chest to send high frequency ultrasound waves through the chest wall to the heart to create pictures of the heart that physicians can then analyze.