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EDICTElectronic Dictionary (Jim Breen's Japanese-English dictionary)
EDICTEuropean Drug Initiative on Channels and Transporters (EU)
EDICTEvaluation and Demonstration of Innovative City Transport (research project; EU)
EDICTEliminating Disparities in Clinical Trials
EDICTElectronic Document Image Capture and Transfer (software)
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He lodged an information against Cornelius de Witt, setting forth that the warden -- who, as he had shown by the letters added to his signature, was fuming at the repeal of the Perpetual Edict -- had, from hatred against William of Orange, hired an assassin to deliver the new Republic of its new Stadtholder; and he, Tyckelaer was the person thus chosen; but that, horrified at the bare idea of the act which he was asked to perpetrate, he had preferred rather to reveal the crime than to commit it.
In defiance of conventual rules, and the edicts of popes and councils, the sleeves of this dignitary were lined and turned up with rich furs, his mantle secured at the throat with a golden clasp, and the whole dress proper to his order as much refined upon and ornamented, as that of a quaker beauty of the present day, who, while she retains the garb and costume of her sect continues to give to its simplicity, by the choice of materials and the mode of disposing them, a certain air of coquettish attraction, savouring but too much of the vanities of the world.
Who was he that did not know that knights-errant are independent of all jurisdictions, that their law is their sword, their charter their prowess, and their edicts their will?
So that in spite of edicts, ordinances, and decrees, there he is, captain of the Musketeers; that is to say, chief of a legion of Caesars, whom the king holds in great esteem and whom the cardinal dreads--he who dreads nothing, as it is said.
After mass the young monarch drove to the Parliament House, where, upon the throne, he hastily confirmed not only such edicts as he had already passed, but issued new ones, each one, according to Cardinal de Retz, more ruinous than the others -- a proceeding which drew forth a strong remonstrance from the chief president, Mole -- whilst President Blancmesnil and Councillor Broussel raised their voices in indignation against fresh taxes.
This holiest of spots was defended from profanation by the strictest edicts of the all-pervading 'taboo', which condemned to instant death the sacrilegious female who should enter or touch its sacred precincts, or even so much as press with her feet the ground made holy by the shadows that it cast.
Your company is quite disorganized since your departure and the men go about drinking and rioting in the cabarets where they fight, in spite of my edicts, and those of my father.
It is contrary to the customs and the royal edicts of Lothar.
Professor Shad said the proposed fatwa should be referred to the state religious authority for deliberation and the consent of the ruler of a state as he was the head of religion in the states before the edict could be issued.
While the edict was distributed a small group of gays protested outside the Vatican holding up a banner which read "No Vatican, No Taliban.
Charles Butterworth, a professor of Islam at the University of Maryland, told the Post the edict means "Muslims who are in the military have no question about where their loyalty lies.
Before the edict went out Monday, Harris said, The Gas Company seemed to have no uniform policy on whether flags were allowed.