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EFFElectronic Frontier Foundation
EFFEquipped For the Future
EFFEvergreen Freedom Foundation
EFFEuropean Fisheries Fund (EU structural policy)
EFFExtended Fund Facility (IMF)
EFFEmergency Firefighter (wildland firefighting)
EFFEsmée Fairbairn Foundation (UK charitable trust)
EFFEarth Federation Forces (Mobile Suit Gundam anime)
EFFExtended Financing Facility (International Monetary Fund)
EFFExperimental Forecast Facility
EFFEnhanced Formation Flying
EFFEssential Function Failure
EFFEarth Forever Foundation (Bulgaria)
EFFElectronic Flight Folder (avionics)
EFFEast Falls Fitness (Philadelphia, PA)
EFFExcess Frequency Factor
EFFEscuela de Formación de Formadores (Spanish, Catholic youth group, Guatemala)
EFFEmulated First-Fit
EFFEuropean Film Festival
EFFEdinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
EFFEnvironmental Film Festival (Washington, DC)
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Our MUD method can be exactly termed as MIC-based DFE using EFF with COA and DA for MIMO DS-UWB system (i.
EFF takes a somewhat more moderate view, but they are very concerned about fair use, and they don't believe present copyright laws, especially as defined by the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, are in the service of fair use at all.
Since the last heated question-time in August, when EFF parliamentarians, who wear their trademark red berets and workers' overalls into parliament, rowdily chanted "pay back the money", forcing a rattled President Zuma to leave the chamber, he has not returned to parliament.
Major assistance has been provided by Shari Steele, EFF staff; John Gilmore, EFF Board; and Lee Tien, counsel to John Gilmore.
The EFF said the companies had a track record of defending user privacy against the government.
The eFF application is an in-house development and was programmed in an agile environment within the framework of the eFlightOps project.
The guerrilla tactics adopted by the EFF seem to be making an impact, as the previously unwatched parliamentary TV channel begins to attract huge ratings from viewers tuning in to watch the political drama and excitement in a hitherto drab Westminster-type forum of droning speeches and formalities, often railroaded by the majority party.
Family Room Entertainment Corporation, with its subsidiaries, Emmett/Furla Films Productions, Emmett/Furla Films Distribution and EFF Independent, is a publicly held company trading on the Nasdaq Bulletin Board under the symbol "FMLY.
The EFF used five categories as its gauge for how effective companies have been at providing privacy: following industry-wide best practices, telling users about government data requests, promising not to "sell out" users who may be of interest to government organizations, standing up to government gag orders and fighting for pro-user public policy.
Building on the achievements of the previous program, the EFF seeks to re-orient public expenditure towards priority investments and to improve public service delivery through a comprehensive civil service reform that also contains the wage bill.
Total public funds will be capped at 400 million and will be shared between member states under EFF allocation rules.
2) How have you used EFF in your program and at what stage of implementation are you?