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EGGElectro-Gustrogram (gastrointestinal tract)
EGGExplosion Graphics Generator
EGGEasy Gallery Generator (software)
EGGElemental Gimmick Gear (videogame)
EGGElectronic Gourmet Guide (online culinary program)
EGGEpsom Girls Grammar (School, Aukland, New Zealand)
EGGEvaporating Gaseous Globule (astronomy)
EGGEFIC Grunenthal Grant
EGGEmpresa de Granjas Guatemaltecas (Guatemala)
EGGEnvironmental Guerrilla Group (fictional group; Monk TV series)
EGGEncuentro de Gramática Generativa
EGGElectronic Grade Gathering
References in classic literature ?
And Bashti, who had not tasted a megapode egg in half a year, and who was keen for the one recrudescent thrill of remote youth still left to him, led the way back across the mangrove swamp at so prodigious a pace as quite to wind his high priest who was many years younger than he.
Suddenly, he saw, among the sweepings in a corner, something round and white that looked very much like a hen's egg. In a jiffy he pounced upon it.
As I reached their side a glance showed me that all but a very few eggs had hatched, the incubator being fairly alive with the hideous little devils.
Then, one day, as they were sitting before the house under a very high tree, the father said, 'I should like to try what each of you can do in this way.' So he looked up, and said to the second son, 'At the top of this tree there is a chaffinch's nest; tell me how many eggs there are in it.' The star-gazer took his glass, looked up, and said,
The sun has helped to dry my feathers, as it has your dress, and I feel better since I laid my morning egg. But what's to become of us, I should like to know, afloat on this big pond?"
Rikki-tikki smashed two eggs, and tumbled backward down the melon-bed with the third egg in his mouth, and scuttled to the veranda as hard as he could put foot to the ground.
The Story Girl and I were looking for eggs in the loft.
"I wish to hatch my own eggs; I will hatch them all by myself," quacked Jemima Puddle-duck.
"But we might have taken the Oz people by surprise, and conquered them before they had a chance to get any eggs. Our former defeat was due to the fact that the girl Dorothy had a Yellow Hen with her.
The robin talked this over with his mate a great deal for a few days but after that he decided not to speak of the subject because her terror was so great that he was afraid it might be injurious to the Eggs.
She had come to save him, to give him her nest, though there were eggs in it.
When we were at Bahia Blanca in the months of September and October, the eggs, in extraordinary numbers, were found all over the country.