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EJEnvironmental Justice (EPA)
EJEconomic Journal
EJElton John (musician)
EJEject (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
EJEdward Jones (Investing Company; USA, Canada, UK)
EJExpansion Joint (general construction)
EJExajoule (10^18 Joules)
EJEdgerrin James (NFL player)
EJExternal Jugular Vein
EJEmpresa Júnior (Junior Enterprise, Brazil)
EJEddie James (crossword setter for Private Eye Magazine)
EJEmergency Jettison
EJElectronic Journalism (NBC early 70's term describing Minicams; usually called ENG now)
EJElectric Jet (USAF nickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon)
EJElectronic Jamming
EJEmerald Jungle (Everquest)
EJEscort Jammer
EJEcotourism Japan
EJEarvin Johnson Jr. (baskball player)
EJElectronic Jockey
EJExpendable Jammer
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PHIL Rear Eject Bodies, adaptable to any make and model of articulated off-highway truck as well as a number of rigid frame trucks, can be used as auxiliary feeders, delivering material to a crusher if a primary feeder malfunctions or breaks down.
A series of low-temperature thermal tests were undertaken to check that distortion of the system did not impact the performance of the ejection mechanism, both in terms of resulting eject velocity and spin rates.
JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) has said that it could eject Nigeria from a key bond index.
Berlin, Rabi'I 16, 1435, Jan 17, 2014, SPA -- The German military says a Tornado combat jet crashed on a training mission but both the pilot and co-pilot were able to eject to safety.
Featuring safety, stability and increased productivity as hallmarks of its design, Philippi-Hagenbuch's patented line of Rear Eject Bodies offer the ideal solution for challenging hauling applications from general construction, road construction and sand/gravel to mine reclamation and underground hauling situations where overhead barriers inhibit traditional dump bodies.
The mass separator stores ions in a purely electrostatic ion trap and uses a technique called autoresonance to eject ions from the trap.
They figure the faster the stub bases eject, the faster they can reload and fire again.
Groups holding events in city perks cannot automatically eject people who express an opposing point of view, ruled U.
Smith explained that EDO has developed and tested the AVEL to address the need to carry and eject missiles from within concealed weapon bays.