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EFElectronic Warfare Fighter (US military aircraft designation)
EFElectronic Filing
EFEducation First (internation English school)
EFEnvironmentally Friendly (various organizations)
EFExpedited Forwarding
EFEjection Fraction (cardiology)
EFEntity Framework (software)
EFEquivalent Focal Length
EFEnergy Factor
EFElongation Factor (protein synthesis)
EFEjection Fraction
EFEducation Foundation (various organizations)
EFEmergency Fund
EFEagle Forum
EFExtra Fine (threads)
EFExperimental Forest (USDA)
EFElectric Field
EFEmission (s) Factor
EFElite Force (Star Trek: Voyager computer game)
EFEnhanced Fujita Scale (tornadoes)
EFExtremely Fine (numismatics; 7th best condition of coin)
EFEnd Function
EFEquifax (credit reporting agency)
EFEcological Footprint
EFEpic Fail (Internet slang)
EFEntry Fee
EFElectronic Form
EFExhaust Fan
EFExternal Forces
EFElegant Feeling (Hyundai)
EFEdema Factor (microbiology; bacillary subunit of anthrax)
EFEquipment Failure (Wandel Goltermann)
EFEnemy Forces
EFEnvironmental Factor (The Olewine Company)
EFExposed Facility
EFEphedrine Free (thermogenic formula)
EFElmer Fudd (cartoon)
EFEarly Finish
EFElectron Flow
EFEuropæiske Fællesskab (Danish: European Community)
EFEmma Frost
EFEnrichment Factor
EFElementary Functions (TMN)
EFOperation Enduring Freedom (US DoD)
EFEducational Forum
EFExperience Factory
EFEnd Fitting
EFEngineering Fundamentals
EFEmitter Follower
EFElementary File
EFExcitation Frequency
EFElizabeth Forward (school district, Pennsylvania)
EFEnterprise Framework
EFElite Four (gaming, Pokemon)
EFElbow Flexor
EFElectro-Focus (Canon Cameras)
EFEncircled Flux (fiber optics)
EFEnglish Finish
EFElectronic Focusing
EFEscuela de la Fe (Spanish)
EFEris Free (Internet Relay Chat network)
EFExtension Flag
EFEndgame Framework (modeling and simulation)
EFEncyclopedia Frobozzica (Zork adventure game)
EFExtended Fractal
EFElectro-Flechette (gaming, Missionforce: Cyberstorm)
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EMPERIAL-reduced will investigate Jardiance in patients with chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF).
The data suggests that dietary supplementation may be a valuable addition to treatment for exercise intolerance among heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction, Coggan said.
An ejection fraction of 35 to 39 percent is moderately below normal and is considered mild heart failure, when the left ventricle doesn't contract strongly enough and less blood is pumped throughout the body.
Protein C and S deficiency, antiphospolipid syndrome, myeloproliferative disorders, idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome, pheochromocytoma, and Takatsubo cardiomyopathy were reported to be related with thrombus formation in patients with a normal LV ejection fraction (8-10).
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFPEF) is an increasingly recognized form, and accounts for almost 50% of all admissions for decompensate heart failure.
In the new study, 34 laboratory rats with hypertension and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction were given infusions of cardiac stem cells.
Now that LCZ696 is approved, cardiologists expect the new drug will take its place as a primary drug for treating heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.
People with this type of heart failure have ejection fractions of 10 to 40 percent.
Not so in PARAGON, which requires subjects to have symptomatic heart failure, an ejection fraction of 45% or more, and evidence of structural heart disease along with either a hospitalization for heart failure within the previous 9 months or elevated natriuretic peptides.
There are additional trials that are in process now with even more preserved ejection fractions looking for benefits of ICDs.