ekWElectrical Kilowatts
ekWEast Kolkata Wetlands (India)
ekWEidgenössische Konstruktions Werkstätte (German; Swiss aerospace construction company)
ekWExtreme Kids Wrestling
ekWExecutive Knowledge Works (Crystal Lake, IL)
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30) She then wrote the EKW on 31 March asking whether it had any reservations about the "confession and teaching" (Bekenntnis und Lehre) of Dr.
preyed on 15year old Elaine At the time, Ela Ka K ren, was goi Pa P ul Jones, la l ter fa Ap A ril Jo Wi Br B id ch c i an aag a1ooe ekw With Elaine, Bridger had two children, a boy and a girl now aged 13 and 10.
The set operates at 1500 rpm with a continuous rating of 1966 ekW and is built on an engine platform with an open combustion chamber design that allows the G3520C set to operate using low-pressure gas supplies of just 1.
Lo YMD, Chan WY, Ng EKW, Chan LYS, Lai PBS, Tam JS, et al.
Contract award notice: lieferung von dieselkraftstoff im ekw baainbw e2.
Contract notice: Delivery of diesel fuel in ekw - baainbw e2.