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ELNEjército de Liberación Nacional (National Liberation Army, Colombia)
ELNElectronic Library Network
ELNElectronic Laboratory Notebook
ELNExplicit Loss Notification
ELNEuropean Laboratory of Nutrients (Netherlands)
ELNEquity Linked Note
ELNEntreprendre en Lorraine Nord (French: Business in North Lorraine)
ELNExceptional Learning Needs
ELNEarthLink Network
ELNExtremely Low Noise
ELNVAXeln (realtime operating system toolkit; Digital Equipment Corp)
ELNEuro Languages Net (resource)
ELNEastern Lichen Network
ELNEnvironmental Librarian's Network
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* They suppress UV-induced free radicals--evident by their highoxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) scores (31-33) that contribute to oxidative stress involved in the destructive cross-linking of healthy collagen and elastin fibers.
Supplemented subjects in this study had a 65% increase in the accumulation of essential type-I pro-collagen and an 18% increase in elastin fibers.
The study also found that the removal of the endothelial cells from the membrane made no difference to the direction of rolling proving that it was the elastin and not the cells that were responsible for the characteristic unidirectional rolling.
(A, B) The images show the first-pass MR angiography (TWIST) following the administration of the elastin agent and the clinically used agent gadobutrol.
Elastin and collagen fibres are sparsely distributed in the matrix of the soft tissues, and several anisotropic constitutive models have been implemented to characterize their mechanical behaviour [44, 46].
The mean optical density for elastin was available in 3 anetoderma lesions (2 protruding lesions and 1 indented lesion) and corresponding uninvolved control tissue.
The mechanical properties of the normal lung are much influenced by elastin and other connective tissues, mainly collagen [11].
Upregulation of MMP2 expression and activity have been reported in VSMCs and animal calcification models, which mediate elastin degradation, producing soluble elastin peptides and causing release and activation of the latent TGF-[beta]1 complex from the extracellular matrix of vessel walls.
The patterns used this season are mainly herringbones, pinstripes, bird eye or classic plains with elastin. Selected suits are made in Portugal and can be identified with a special tag.
The proprietary process creates a fine powder composed of 94% Type I hydrolyzed collagen and 6% elastin oligopeptides--the same ratio found in human skin.
The deficiency of collagen and elastin causes the skin to show the visible signs of aging.
Hands often age faster because the skin is always exposed, thin and has little fat - so when even a small amount of elastin begins to break down, the signs are easily noticed.