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ELCOElectronic Company
ELCOEl Camino
ELCOEastern Lebanon County (school district, Pennsylvania)
ELCOEnseignement des Langues et Cultures d'Origine (French: Teaching of Languages and Cultures of Origin)
ELCOElectrolytic Capacitor
ELCOEcological Life and Culture Organization (Japan)
ELCOEmployees Life Company (Mutual)
ELCOEvangelical Lutheran Church in Oldenburg (Germany)
ELCOEarly Opening Local Census Office
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Chinese aluminum electrolytic capacitor market has been expanding amid a transfer of its downstream industries to China like home appliance illumination, cellphones, and computers as well as automatic control, with breakthroughs having been made in particular technical areas.
Several literatures have done certain work in the aspect of electrolytic capacitor state evaluation, such as those ideas summarized in [8].
Braga, "Integrated SEPIC buck-boost converter as an off-line LED driver without electrolytic capacitors," in Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference on IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON '12), pp.
The electrolytic capacitor tested decayed at around 1000 Hz.
In comparison, electrolytic capacitor designs reduce the insulating layer's thickness dramatically by growing a thin film of alumina (Al2O3) over all the microterrain of the etched aluminum foil.
Operating from a universal input of 85 to 265 VAC, the ZWS300BAF features a 10-year electrolytic capacitor lifetime demanded by manufacturers of industrial, test & measurement, broadcast and communications equipment.
The CDE HHT Series is the only aluminum electrolytic capacitor available in the market with +175[degrees]C performance.
Providing the characteristics of the company's SuperTan Series devices--while offering improved reverse voltage for higher performance and enhanced vibration and thermal shock capabilities for increased reliability--the 13017 electrolytic capacitor is optimized for timing, filtering, energy hold-up, and pulse power applications in power supplies for space and avionics equipment.
It is designed to store several hundred times as much energy, on a weight and volume basis, as a conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitor while retaining its ability to deliver that energy at more than 10 times the discharge rate.
Northvale, NJ, November 02, 2016 --(PR.com)-- New Yorker Electronics has just released a new miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitor series designed to hold up to intense outdoor environments, including extreme heat.