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EMRElectronic Medical Record
EMRÉnergies Marines Renouvelables (French: Renewable Marine Energy)
EMRÉditions Marc Reift (French: Marc Reift Editions; Switzerland)
EMRElectromagnetic Radiation
EMREnergy, Mines and Resources (Department of)
EMREmergency Medicine Review (various organizations)
EMREngineering Management Review (IEEE quarterly magazine)
EMREndoscopic Mucosal Resection
EMRExperience Modification Rate (insurance)
EMRExtramural Research (various locations)
EMREnergetic Macroscopic Representation
EMRElectro Magnetic Radiation
EMREastern Main Road (Trinidad and Tobago)
EMRInstitut für Europäisches Medienrecht
EMREuropean Management Review (journal)
EMREmergency Medical Responder
EMREmergency Management and Response
EMREntertainment Media Research (various locations)
EMRExtramarital Relationship
EMREmballages Ménagers Recyclables (French: Recyclable Household Packaging)
EMREducable Mentally Retarded
EMREmergency Medical Response
EMRElectromagnetic Resonance
EMREmerging Markets Review (journal; Elsevier)
EMREnvironmental Management Representative
EMRElectromechanical Relay
EMRElectronic Management of Records
EMRÉditions Musicales Russes (French: Russian Music Publishing)
EMREnterprise Medical Record
EMRExclusive Marketing Right (India)
EMRÉcole Maîtrisienne Régionale de Bourgogne (French choir school)
EMREeyou Marine Region (Canada)
EMRExtraordinary Magnetoresistance
EMREmerald Management Reviews (database; UK)
EMREnvironmental Management Review
EMREngine Mixture Ratio
EMREuropean Midcourse Radar
EMREnhanced Metafile Record (Windows programming)
EMREdison Media Research
EMREspace Musical de Rousset (French: Rousset Musical Space; est. 1983)
EMRExchange Message Record
EMREnvironmental Management Report
EMRElectronic Meter Reading
EMREnter Move Request
EMREducational Media Resources (various organizations)
EMRElectromagnetic Response
EMREmergency Medical Rescue (New York)
EMREmergency Minimal Repair
EMRElevator Machine Room (architectural documents)
EMREnlisted Master Record
EMRExecutive Management Review
EMREnhanced Measurement Report
EMRExecutive Management Report
EMRElectronic Mail Registration
EMRElectromagnetic Reconnaissance
EMRExplosive Mishap Report
EMREuropean Model Rocketry (est. 1996)
EMRElectronic Mail Room
EMREvent Monitor Request
EMRElectronic Combat Multifunction Radar
EMREquipment Maintenance Record
EMREffort Multiplier Rating
EMRElectromechanical Research Incorporated
EMREngineering Management Resources BV
EMREspoir Masculin Régional (French: Promising Regional Actor)
EMRElectronic Management Reports
EMRErrored Message Ratio (Hekimian)
EMRExecution Management Replanner (TBMCS)
EMREmergency Manual Release
EMREmotionally Mentally Retarded
EMREmbassy Mission Residence (US State Department)
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Enlightened with this knowledge, Perkins was inspired to create an underwear range that protects men from the unseen yet extremely harmful dangers of everyday exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
The aim of this study is to provide theoretical guidance and foundations for the application of electromagnetic radiation method in predicting rockburst of coal mines.
People who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation (and chemicals) need to have key nutrients replenished.
A new book--Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health (Castle Mountain Publishing, 2010) - should help make sense of this issue, in more detail than I can manage in a magazine article.
Abstract: Screening systems that provides shielding of workspaces and living quarters of electromagnetic radiation in microwave and radio waves field from the environment are electrical structures presented in the paper.
Plasma Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation (Elsevier, 2010) is an update of John Sheffield's 1975 book of the same title.
Light is electromagnetic radiation. Energy arriving from the sun as infrared light warms the atmosphere, oceans and land.
And Elohiym said, "Let there be electromagnetic radiation," and there was electromagnetic radiation.--Genesis 1:1-3
Biologist Alfonso Balmoro, Ph.D., of Valladolid, Spain, explains that electromagnetic radiation is a form of environmental pollution that can hurt wildlife.
Human Energy Concealment Systems (HECS) engineers say they've discovered animals can sense electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by human hearts, resulting in the negative reactions witnessed by bowhunters.
Researchers have found that our heart and muscles produce electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and that most game animals have the ability to sense this when in close proximity to us.
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