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EEnlisted (military)
EEcstasy (3,4-Methylenedioxy Methamphetamine, MDMA)
Ebase for the natural logarithm; approximately 2.71828
EEven (par; golf)
ESpecial Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
EEstate (IRB)
EEnterprise (Rent-A-Car)
EExtra (as in extra fine)
ELondon East (postcode, United Kingdom)
EEntertainment Television
EEveryone (ESRB)
EEdge (welded joint type)
EExplorer (Microsoft)
EEuro (European currency)
EEnhanced (911 service)
EElectrical Field (physics)
EExposure Level
EEndangered (species classification)
EEminem (rapper)
EExcellence (Navy award given to ships or units for top performance)
EVolt (electronics)
EEarl (British title of nobility)
ENew Brunswick (Canada Post designation)
EFailing Grade (used instead of or in addition to F)
EElectra (Records)
EExpectation (mathematics; probability theory)
EEnergizer (battery)
EEquilibrium (economics)
EEuropean Route (European interstate)
EEspana (Spain) (International Auto Identification)
EExa- (10^18, SI Prefix)
EEni Spa (stock symbol)
EExchequer (UK)
EYoung's Modulus (of elasticity)
EEscherichia (genus of the E. coli bacterium)
ETocopherol Acetate (vitamin)
EEmitter (transistor; electronics)
EGlutamate (amino acid)
EEnron Corp.
EErlang (telephone traffic analysis)
EEnlisted Man
EEpinephrine (adrenaline)
EElectromotive Force (voltage)
EElectronic/Electronics (US military aircraft designation; as in E-3A)
EEpoxy Coated Rebar (also seen as ECR)
EEstimated Sign (European packaging)
EFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
EHave Directed Traffic (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
ETotal probable error
ESpecial Electronic Installation (US Military aerospace mission designation)
EEsophoria at Distance
EUndenominated United States Stamp (25 cents, introduced 3 Apr 1988)
EElectronic Night Bombing Installation (US Navy)
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where B is effective value of the magnetic field, E is effective value of the electromotive force induced in the coil, and [K.sub.T] is teslametric constant.
Table 1: Partial standard electromotive force series as measured against a hydrogen reference electrode [15].
Since the armature windings resistance R, the armature inductance L, the back electromotive force constant [C.sub.e], and electromagnetic torque coefficient [C.sub.m] in (25) are characteristics of the motor, the above parameters' values of the motors used for driving the seeker and target simulators are nearly the same.
In addition the system has a source of electromotive force applied so that a current I is flowing through the wires; in one of the wires I flows in the positive x direction and in the other wire I flows in the negative x direction.
The undergoing Figure (Figure1) illustrates output signals for Hall effect sensors with respect to counter electromotive force and phase currents.
Maxwell summarizes his view of electric polarization by stating, "That whatever electricity may be, and whatever we may understand by the movement of electricity, the phenomenon which we have called electric displacement is a movement of electricity in the same sense as the transference of a definite quantity of electricity through a wire is a movement of electricity, the only difference being that in the dielectric there is a force which we have called electric elasticity which acts against the electric displacement, and forces the electricity back when the electromotive force is removed" [1, Art.
Case 2 (when constant electromotive force is applied, i.e., E(t) = [E.sub.0]).
The secondary part, which consists of permanent magnet, secondary iron core, and buoy, does relative movement as waves, generates magnetic field lines, and induces electromotive force in the armature windings [11].
Because I use a computer, cell phone, television and microwave and have power flowing in the wires in my walls, I'm already exposed to hundreds of times more electromotive force - a suspected factor in health issues among the very sensitive - than a smart meter emits.
13 and 14, it appears that the transfer function between flux density and electromotive force, decreases the factional harmonics.
Furthermore, the separation of ionic charges will produce an electromotive force, which is a voltage between points in a circuit.