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EMFElectromotive Force
EMFElectromagnetic Field
EMFEclipse Modeling Framework
EMFEthiopian Media Forum
EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile (filename extension)
EMFEndomyocardial Fibrosis (idiopathic disorder)
EMFEnhanced Metafile Format
EMFÉtudiants Musulmants de France (French student Muslim association)
EMFEmpire Music Festival
EMFEuropean Metalworkers' Federation
EMFElectromagnetic Frequency
EMFElectromagnetic Force
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EMFElectro Magnetic Force
EMFElement Management Framework
EMFElectro Magnetic Field
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EMFEuropean Multimedia Forum
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EMFElectro-Motive Force
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EMFEmerging Markets Free (Economist index)
EMFEmergency Medicine Foundation
EMFExperimental Music Festival (various locations)
EMFEmpik Media Fashion (Poland)
EMFElectromagnetic Forming (manufacturing technique)
EMFEmergency Medical Fund
EMFEngineers Mobility Forum
EMFExpeditionary Medical Facility
EMFEllison Medical Foundation
EMFExport Marketing Fund
EMFEvery Man For Himself (song)
EMFEmbarked Military Force
EMFEnhanced Management Framework
EMFEat More Fruit (band)
EMFEmployee Medical Folders
EMFEnlisted Master File
EMFEvent Management Framework (data management)
EMFEuropean Multicultural Foundation
EMFEat More Fish
EMFÉcole de Moto Frontignanaise (French motorcycle school)
EMFEuropean Minigolfsport Federation
EMFEnterprise Management Framework
EMFEasymadeforms (website)
EMFEcole des Métiers de Fribourg
EMFElectro Motoric Force
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EMFEnterprise Management Facility (USCG Telecommunications and Information Systems Command)
EMFExplicit Model Following
EMFFaculty of Electromechanics
EMFEnvironmental Morale Leave
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y] Azimuth component of the magnetic flux density, Wb, emf Electromotive force, V, FFT Fast Fourier Transform, 0BC No broken rotor bar, 1BC Motor with one broken rotor bar, Ecc Motor with rotor eccentricity,
The vector S models the effect of the source term (the small loop) which generates an electromotive force on the cells.
From theoretical calculations it can be concluded that induced electromotive force in the contour is very small.
Whereas the higher voltage outputs from blend and coag settings are more damaging, greater electromotive force can be used creatively to help cut through greater resistance such as that afforded by desiccated and fatty tissues, and to secure an extra measure of hemostasis at the margins of an incision into more vascular tissues such as myoma, myometrium, and rectus abdominus.
3]) was added; subsequently, at the time of maximum electromotive force (E), a known volume of the enzymatic calibration solution was added (20 [micro]L of a 20-mg/L solution of bCAII or hCAII or 20 [micro]L of a 200-mg/L solution of hCAI).
And in order to realize how important the introduction of the potential has been in electric measurements, one needs only to remember how most minds in this area had only a nebulous understanding of electromotive force, voltage and electroscopic difference, and how finally by Thomson's potentiometers the most delicate investigations became possible.
Changes in the temperature at the juncture of these different metals induce a change in electromotive force (EMF) between the other ends of the strips or wires.
2] = Blvq was used, where m is the mass of the particle, B is the magnetic field intensity, c is the velocity of electromagnetic field, independent of its inertial frame of reference, q represents a unit charge of 1 coulomb (by defining electromotive force as energy per unit charge,) v is the velocity of the carrier in which the particle exists, and l is its length.
As the magnetic particles passed through copper coils placed at the entrance and exit of each section of the processing system, an electromotive force (end) was generated.
As increasing pressure was applied, the electromotive force generated in the compressed load cell ([+ or -]0.
Also this conductance increase and the membrane electromotive force decrease occurred at nearly the same time, which was late in the rising phase of the monophasic action potential.