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It is already well established that cosmic rays with energies greater than 1 billion electron volts (eV) reach Earth from different parts of the cosmos.
But no matter how fast these electrons spiral, they can't radiate away the 73 billion and 95 billion electron volts the two photons carried.
One exception is a small bump, an excess of activity at a particular energy, that could indicate the existence of a particle with a mass of roughly 750 billion electron volts, or 750 GeV.
5), Skwarnicki and others at the Large Hadron Collider sifted through more than 25,000 meson decays and found overwhelming evidence for a negatively charged particle with a mass of 4,430 million electron volts. The results appeared April 7 at arXiv.org.
To that end, on March 19, the collider fired beams of protons in both directions, clockwise and counter-clockwise, at a new world-record energy: 3.5 trillion (or tera) electron volts.
The new detector has a single-pixel cadmium-zinc-telluride crystal that's sensitive to X and gamma rays ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 electron volts. Engineers mainly want to see how well it all works, to help plan future missions with larger versions of the technology.
The two speediest neutrinos, nicknamed Bert and Ernie when they were announced in April, struck the ice with more than a million billion electron volts of energy.
The atom smasher will reach world record power later this month at 7 trillion electron volts (TeV).
It will map the gamma-ray sky at energies from 30 million to more than 300 billion electron volts. The Italian satellite AGILE is the only other spacecraft currently observing in this regime (S&T: August 2007, page 22).
A new atom smasher for probing the inner cores of atoms, one of the three largest of its type in the world, is now in full operation at Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IlL The atomic accelerator, called the ZGS for Zero Gradient Synchrotron, will accelerate protons to 12.5 billion electron volts, then hurl them at target atoms in an extremely intense beam.
According to BBC News, over the coming months, scientists aim to smash that record again as the experiments aim for energies of some seven trillion electron volts (TeV).
The high energy (100 billion billion electron volts) of a particle mentioned in "Chasing a cosmic engine" (SN: 7/14/12, p.