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ELEXNaval Electronic Systems Command
ELEXElectronics Exercise
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The Web has become an extremely important medium of research and education as a primary means of disseminating research findings and information through digital libraries and electronic documents such as e-journals, e-print archives and online conference proceedings (Noruzi, 2004).
Electronic paper offers all the same characteristics of paper such as being thin, flexible, and lightweight.
Before taking the first step in going electronic, it is essential that everyone in the group recognize that implementing new technology will be extremely disruptive to the practice.
In addition to saving work in digital files and distributing it Later, instructors are hooking up laptops to electronic whiteboards and connecting to the Internet--turning the electronic whiteboard into a giant computer screen.
Approximately 1,300 financial institutions, including banks, thrift institutions, and credit unions, and 89 electronic payment processors responded to three surveys that looked at methods and volumes of retail payments.
The following is a primer on how to apply the California Electronic Transactions Act.
Customers appreciate the convenience of this billing solution and are much more open to electronic commerce today than they were just five years ago.
As early as 1991, the federal government made an attempt at consistency among the states by encouraging them to adopt the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), a model act governing e-commerce transactions.
This issue focuses on collection development and management in the rapidly emerging electronic environment.
By using several different materials in an array of sensors, the electronic nose forms a multidimensional pattern (SN: 1/9/99, p.
At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, The White House released "A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce" in June 1997, which articulated a minimalist approach to government intervention in electronic commerce.
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