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EMAGEthnic Minority Achievement Grant (UK)
EMAGElectronic Magazine
EMAGEquitable Members Action Group (UK)
EMAGEnvironmental Management Advisory Group (various locations)
EMAGExpatriate Medical Assistance Group
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First, because it is an electronic magazine that is available for the whole world.
The concept model on display also offers an electronic magazine viewing feature for several types of magazines, including Yahoo Japan's X BRAND, Viewn Corp.'s Viewn, and the lifestyle magazine Tokyo Calendar published by Access Co., Ltd.
Conservus has premiered this product in the hospitality sector by taking the generic internet log-in page that greets guests at every hotel, transforming it into a hybrid electronic magazine and boutique portal/concierge service portal.
Not surprisingly, his column written for the electronic magazine Slate is titled 'Fighting Words'.
Today, T&P is still evolving, with expanded e-newsletters, electronic magazine issues, and website.
"There are now more people in Wales writing high-quality science fiction, fantasy and horror than ever before," said Rhymney Valley-based artist Steve, who has published the electronic magazine Estronomicon for the past three years.
Clients will receive a new electronic magazine, "Voyages to Explore Online," which features articles, destination videos and slideshows, plus the latest special offers and cruise information.
Morris, IL) has launched EcoAgri.biz, a new Web site designed to help agribusiness managers increase profitability "through effective environmental stewardship." Tag-lined "sustainable solutions for animal agribusiness," the site, a companion monthly electronic magazine and a bimonthly webinar series provide sustainability advice and information, and policy and regulation data for companies and individuals in the agrifood industry.
Searches on web sites of education organisations, an electronic magazine, and the Australian Education Index were conducted to identify documents, news reports and educational literature referring to the five initiatives.
Then it was the Electronic Magazine of Reliability Engineering followed by the Magazine of Electronic Evaluation.
"The N-Gen is the first fuel cell system with industry-standard battery connectors for easy integration into consumer devices," Electronic Magazine Executive Editor Alix Paultre said.
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