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ENyGElectronystagmography (neurology)
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[4] Electronystagmography (ENG) (n.d) Johns Hopkins Medicine.
It is reported that DHI outcomes strongly correlate with computerized dynamic posturography and electronystagmography and moderately correlate with rotation chair tests and sensory organization tests [19].
New possibilities of analysis in electronystagmography. Acta Otolaryngol 1972;73(2):121-5.
Magnetic resonance imaging was not obtained, nor was electronystagmography performed.
Evaluation with magnetic resonance imaging, electronystagmography, and auditory brainstem response testing did not reveal the source of the hearing loss.
A 22% reduced left vestibular response and right-beating nystagmus were found on electronystagmography.
Electronystagmography found no spontaneous or positional nystagmus.
Electronystagmography revealed no spontaneous or positional nystagmus.
Electronystagmography was negative for spontaneous, positional, neck torsion, and vertical nystagmus.
The reliability of electronystagmography in detecting a PLF is doubtful in patients with canal paresis; electronystagmography has been reported as positive for fistula in 39% of patients with PLF and in 33% of those without it.
My first step was to look for objective evidence of a vestibular disorder with electronystagmography (ENG) (figures).