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Figure 4 depicts an electropherogram of a mixture of a single cationic dye (Crystal Violet) with six anionic dyes.
Thus, smaller amplicons travel faster and have shorter retention times on the electropherogram (Figure 1, panels B-D).
4C shows the electropherogram containing sodium and magnesium in the expected ratio for whole blood.
In both samples the CZE electropherograms showed a minor disturbance in morphology of the [gamma]-region but not the obvious monoclonal peak that was observed with agarose gel electrophoresis.
The system software uses the electropherogram data and creates a virtual electrophoretic gel (Fig.
Schematic illustration of the expected GeneScan electropherogram results after ms-PCR of an NL male, a premutation male, a full mutation male, an NL female, a premutation female, and a full mutation female are presented in Fig.
The cDNA electropherogram from the proband showed a double sequence starting from nucleotide 13378, a finding that indicates the presence of both wild-type and mutated alleles (see Fig.
Electropherogram showed that both mother and father were heterozygous (carrier) for intervening sequence I-5 mutation whereas the affected child was homozygous for this mutation.
After sequence analysis, all exons except exon 3 did not show any pathogenic variations while the electropherogram analysis of exon 3 indicated the insertion of one adenine nucleotide between codons 335-336 in a homozygous manner (Figure 2A).
tuberculosis (H37Rv) and from INH resistant clinical isolate (L19) were performed in the host cell of Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) using pCold II-DNA vector, the work could generate the KatG protein 80 kDa in SDS PAGE electropherogram (Fig 1, lane 2 and 3).
Genotyping analysis: Each allele appeared has a peak on electropherogram and as band on autoradiogram like tiff image file generated by Licor 4300 Genetic Analyzer.