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Electropherograms demonstrating 2 approaches to M-protein quantification.
Capillary electropherograms of dodecaplex marker PCR products amplified from GM06075 single cells (A) and from whole genome amplified products of GM06075 single cells (B).
Capillary electropherograms were revealed from the individual Gene Scan files with the help of Peak Scanner software v1.0 which computed the size of DNA fragments against the GeneScan Liz-500 size standard.
1 depicts electropherograms of (A) a patient with no CALR mutation present, and (B) a patient with a mutated CALR.
On the other hand, a longer strand of a radical, such as in 5-(C11-Aminoallyl)-2'-Deoxyuridine-5'-Triphosphate, also increases the possibility of sterical complications, which can be clearly seen in the electropherogram, where the nucleotide with that modification was virtually not recognized by the Taq-polymerase (the polymerase of A family).
(1999) analyzed soluble proteins from six species of bacteria (26 strains) by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and found that the electropherogram patterns of intraspecific proteins were significantly different, whereas the electropherogram patterns of interspecific proteins were similar.
The quality of each electropherogram was evaluated using Phred software, (23) and the sequences were aligned by ClustalX software.
The Electropherogram of partial sequence of Glutaredoxin gene of this strain is shown as Figure 1.
Whereas the electropherogram in Figure 1 comes from natural wine, with all the cations being in the estimated range, Figure 2 shows a much less amount of potassium, indicating clear falsification.
The analytes indicated symmetrical peak and electropherogram did not show a significant difference when recorded after 8h from the formation of the chelate compounds and supports the formation of stable complexes.Quantitation