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This is probably related to the fact that the fractions are better separated from one another on the human electropherograms than on those obtained from birds, as reported in our study.
This interpretation technique involved a visual and quantification test to interpret the electropherogram.
Figure 4 depicts electropherograms obtained by manual sampling versus electropherograms recorded using computerized flow sampling.
The electropherogram of cultured Cordyceps mycelia also showed three peak clusters that had the migration times very similar to that of natural Cordyceps.
The BioCalculator software gives researchers the flexibility to choose electropherogram and gel-view formats for genetic identification and characterization analysis.
The result, or electropherogram, is made up of 300 consecutive readings (dots) and is divided into 15 zones.
The electropherogram peak with the largest area was defined as the "main product.
1968) and Tsuyuki and Westrheim (1970) conducted hemoglobin electropherogram analyses on S.
These slowly migrating products can be seen especially clearly in the electropherogram of G0, where they form several peaks corresponding to various looping possibilities (Fig.
The system software automatically analyzes the results, generating high-quality digital data as well as a gel-like image and electropherogram.