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ERGEmergency Response Guidebook
ERGElectronics Research Group
ERGEuropean Regulators Group (EU)
ERGEnvironmental Research Group
ERGEuropean Research Group (UK politics)
ERGEmployee Resource Group (various organizations)
ERGEnergy and Resources Group (University of California, Berkeley)
ERGEducation Research Group (various organizations)
ERGEmergency Response Guide (DOT)
ERGEuropean Reintegration Grants (EU)
ERGEnterprise Resource Guide
ERGEcole de Recherche Graphique (French)
ERGEntérocoques Résistants aux Glycopeptides (French: Glycopeptide-Resistant Enterococci)
ERGEmergency Relocation Group (US FEMA)
ERGEndicott Research Group, Inc
ERGExternal Reference Group (UK)
ERGExistence, Relatedness and Growth (motivation theories)
ERGEmergency Response Group
ERGETS-Related Gene
ERGEnglish Resource Grammar
ERGExport Risk Guarantee (Switzerland)
ERGEnvironics Research Group
ERGEjército Revolucionario Guevarista (Spanish: Guevarist Revolutionary Army)
ERGEngineering Research Group
ERGEducational Reference Group
ERGEconomic Research Group (Bangladesh)
ERGErnst-Reuter-Gesellschaft (German)
ERGEarmarked Research Grant (Hong Kong)
ERGEcosystem Research Group
ERGEvox Rifa Group (Finland)
ERGEarthworm Research Group (UK)
ERGEpilepsy Research Group
ERGEvaluation Reference Group
ERGEntertainment Resources Group
ERGEsquerda Republicana Galega (Spanish)
ERGEssex Repeater Group
ERGEngineering Radio Guild
ERGErasmus-Reinhold-Gymnasium (German school)
ERGEndocannabinoid Research Group
ERGeRomania Gateway (Romania)
ERGEnvironmental Resources Group
ERGExecutive Review Group
ERGExternal Review Group
ERGEnvironmental Restoration Group Inc
ERGEarth Resource Group
ERGEngineering Resources Group (Chicago, Illinois)
ERGEdoardo Raffinerie Garrone
ERGE-Business Resource Group
ERGEgitim Reformu Girisimi (Turkish: Education Reform Initiative)
ERGEmpirical Research Group, Incorporated
ERGEndocrine/Reproductive/Gastrointestinal (unit)
ERGEuro Realty Group
ERGExtended Range Gamma (patented SAIC gamma detector)
ERGEmergency Recovery Group (US Navy Minewarfare ships)
ERGExponential Reliablity Growth
ERGEnergy Reuse Group
ERGEOSIDS Review Group
ERGEthane Rich Gas
ERGEquipment Requirements Guide
ERGElectrolyte Replacement Gookinade
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The electroretinogram (ERG) is a noninvasive physiologic technique for recording electrical potentials from the retina in response to flashes of light.
Contribution of cone photoreceptors and post-receptoral mechanisms to the human photopic electroretinogram.
Caption: Figure 8 Multifocal electroretinogram plots: A) An example of the hexagonal array stimulus shown during mfERGs; B) Plot of waveforms generated by each hexagon In a healthy patient.
Full- eld electroretinogram showed typical delays in both rod and cone b-wave implicit times.
max] in the electroretinogram, that is, a biological endophenotype in young offspring at high genetic risk for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder [87].
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The functionality of the embryo's visual system was evaluated through extracellular electroretinogram (ERG) recording from Rhithropanopeus harrisii (Gould) embryos.
Electrophysiological studies--reveal a profoundly decreased a-wave amplitude on the electroretinogram and early receptor potential amplitudes in the acute phase of the disease.