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ESTEastern Standard Time (GMT-0500)
ESTEnvironmentally Sustainable Transport
ESTErhard Seminar Training (Werner Erhard)
ESTEnergy Saving Trust (UK)
ESTEstimated Value (used in auctions)
ESTEstonian (language)
ESTExpressed Sequence Tag
ESTEspérance Sportive de Tunis (Tunisian sports club)
ESTEngineering, Sciences and Technology (various organizations)
ESTEnseignement Secondaire Technique (French: Technical Secondary Education)
ESTÉcole Supérieure des Transports (French: Higher School of Transport)
ESTElectronic Systems Technician (job title)
ESTEveryone Stand Together (Machine Gun Kelly lyric)
ESTEveryone Stand Together (lyric)
ESTEnsemble Studio Theatre (various locations)
ESTEnvironmental Science and Technology
ESTElectronic Shipping Tools (Canada Post)
ESTEarliest Start Time
ESTEscola Superior de Tecnologia (Portugal)
ESTEmpirically Supported Treatment (psychotherapy)
ESTÉcole Secondaire et Technique (French: Secondary and Technical School)
ESTEnterprise Support Technician (Microsoft)
ESTEducation Support Team (various locations)
ESTElectronic Systems Technologies (various schools)
ESTEnvironmentally Sound Technologies
ESTEconomic Secretary to the Treasury (UK)
ESTEastern Standard Time
ESTElectrical Switch Torque
ESTEurope Standard Time
ESTElectronic Shift Technology
ESTEsbjörn Svensson Trio (Sweden)
ESTElectroshock Therapy
ESTEnterprise Software Technology
ESTEvangelical School of Theology (various locations)
ESTEnglish for Science and Technology (various schools)
ESTEnergy Saving Technology
ESTElectronic Sell-Through
ESTElectrical Safety Testing
ESTEngagement Skills Trainer
ESTEmergency Support Team
ESTEcologically Sustainable Tourism
ESTExercise Stress Test (aka treadmill test)
ESTEmployee Share Trust
ESTEuropean Society for Translation Studies
ESTExecutive Steering Committee
ESTElectronic Spark Timing (GM)
ESTEncefalopatie Spongiformi Trasmissibili (Italian: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy)
ESTExercise Study (EU, UN)
ESTEndoscopic Sphincterotomy
ESTEmergency Services Team
ESTEstimated Starting Time
ESTElectrical Safety Test (band)
ESTEnglish Study Tours (UK)
ESTElevated Storage Tank
ESTEnterprise Search Text (software)
ESTEnvironmentally Superior Technology
ESTEmitter Switched Thyristor
ESTEdge Seal Technologies (est. 1987; Ohio)
ESTEdwards Systems Technologies (GE Security)
ESTElectronic Signal Therapy (neuropathy)
ESTEvaluation Summary Table
ESTEnlisted Specialty Training
ESTEssential Subjects Training
ESTEqual Spin Temperature
ESTEquipment Status Telemetry
ESTEnfermedad Sexualmente Transmisible (Spanish: sexually transmitted disease)
ESTEnlisted Screening Test
ESTEducational School Tours, Inc.
ESTElectronic Security Tactical (US military)
ESTEngineering Screening Team
ESTEnvironmental System Test
ESTEvolutionary Structural Testing
ESTEnroute Support Team
ESTElectronic Shelf Tag
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The Final Years provides an acute analysis of Hemingway's manic-depressive cycles (235-36) and especially the "black-ass" moods that evoked thoughts of self-inflicted violence and later the paranoia from which not even electroshock therapy could free him.
This 1972 Democratic nominee for Vice President had to quit the race when the world learned he had been treated for depression with electroshock therapy.
She revisits venerable family landscapes of the Hunnewells and Sargents near Boston; Margarett's early bohemian studios in Maine, Connecticut and New York; and the sanitarium where Margarett spent her last decades in electroshock therapy.
When we discussed therapy for abnormal psychology, for example, we illustrated electroshock therapy with a descriptive video clip from Jack Nicholson's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
It was also a time when legitimate physicians were engaged in dealing with the agonies of depression by the use of electroshock therapy.
Due to reported mistreatment at such camps, Chinese officials drafted legislation earlier in the year which aimed to stop abusive treatments like electroshock therapy.
0, an icy water plunge; the Block-Ness Monster, a challenge where participants have to climb several rotating slippery blocks in knee-high water; and the Electroshock Therapy, a sprint through a mud-filled course filled with live electric wires dangling that will give racers a shock.
Its preparations sound unremarkable, but the thought of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), also known as electroshock therapy, tends to stir visceral horror in the average person.
The neuroscientists hoped to disrupt this reconsolidation process by using ECT, also known as electroshock therapy.
This fact and the electroshock therapy (aimed to "cure" her of her lesbianism) are two of the main factors contributing to her mother's despair.
Charlie's story had it all, a Cain and Abel type relationship, inter-racial adoption, sports notoriety, marital violence, electroshock therapy and tough battle to stay physically and spiritually alive.