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This research predicted soil properties (pH, SOM, AN, and AK) from exhaustively available environmental variables (Elev, MAXDSLOPE, TWI, RPI, Prec, TMEAN, and Stratum) at a regional scale by using the global regression (OLS) and the local regression (GWR).
Where, E is the elevation-relief ratio equivalent to the hypsometric integral HI; Elev mean is the weighted mean elevation of the basin estimated from the identifiable contours of the delineated basin; Elev min and Elev max are the minimum and maximum elevations within the basin, the hypsometric integral is expressed in percentage units.
= 1/2 to 1 MOA "Elev Up, Bullet Up" Temp: Every 20 Dog = 1/2 to 1 MOA" Cold Down, Warm Up" ERROR MULTIPLIERS ANGLE (DEGREES) MULTIPLIER 10 0.02 15 0.03 20 0.06 25 0.09 30 0 13 35 0.18 40 0.23 45 0.29 Example: You bullet drops 37 inches from the bore at 400 yards and you taking a 35-degree-angle shot.
Also prior permit contractor might be owed money (especially mechanical licensed trades who are needed for final signoff such as Elev., PL, SP, SD, Boiler) and are needed to closeout the job-holding the new owner hostage for funds owed that were never revealed.
diffi neve "D elev man now clear "Despite this, the CPS actually elevated the charge to manslaughter and it is not until now that her name has been cleared." The CPS yesterday admitted it was a "tragic case" but insisted it was right to charge Dawn at the time.
OYHER SPECIMENS EXAMINED: CUBA: Santiago de Cuba: Municipio Santiago de Cuba: Arroyo Grovert, 10 km NE Caney, 1995, leaf and log litter, elev. 300 m (S.
Sampling was done monthly from March 2005 to February 2007, and fish samples were collected from catches at the four landing points within the Mid-Cross River: Itigidi (5[degrees]52'49.05" N, 8[degrees]01'06.45" E, elev. 112ft), Orah (5[degrees]52'40.36" N, 7[degrees]58'40.87" E, elev.
Specimens examined: Mexico, Chiapas, municipio de Cacahoatan, 2.5 km al SW de Milan, 1716 m elev., 15[grados]5'33.8" N, 92[grados]7'55.9" W, 27 noviembre 2007, Jimenez 178 et al.
As nove variaveis preditoras utilizadas no estudo tem relacao com a pedogenese local, sendo elas: elevacao (ELEV), declividade (DECL), curvatura planar (CPLN), curvatura de perfil (CPRF), distancia a drenagem (DIST), radiacao relativa disponivel (RADI), area de contribuicao (LNAC), indice de umidade topografica (IUT) e capacidade de transporte de sedimento (CTS).
(NGF) 13.72 per month ngf Netto Grundflache (NGF), net 14,037.05 floor space of all floors of a building age Age of the building, duration 14.37 since the last redevelopment quality Quality of the building 1.17 quality_h Dummy for high quality of the 28% building quality_m Dummy for medium quality of 62% the building quality_l Dummy for low quality of the 11% building (reference) elev Dummy for the existence of an 99% elevator air Air condition of the building 0.56 full air Dummy for full air condition 12% part air Dummy for partial air condition 31% no-air Dummy for no air condition 56% (reference) maint_psgm Maintenance costs per sq.m.
Type: Brazil, Minas Gerais, Santana do Pirapama, near the border with Congonhas do Norte, Vale do Barbado, 1,207 m elev., 18[degrees]53'05"S 43[degrees]45'04"W, ca.
Other material: PERU: Ica: Paracas Bay: 2 [female] (1 from the stomach content of Phyllodactylus angustidigitus), Cangrejal (13[degrees]51'03"S, 76[degrees]17'08"W, 1 m elev.), 3 March 2003, A.