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ELIGEnemies of the Legitimate Iraqi Government
ELIGEsin Lokmanhekim Ictem Gurkaynak (Turkish law firm)
ELIGEmbedded Linux Interest Group
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The rule requiring four generations of nobility or else the candidate is not eligible.
A man not eligible for a lieutenancy in the army unless he can prove four generations of noble descent?
Flow-through-share-funded companies will be eligible for OMIP grants.
2004-77, if an eligible entity has two legal owners, one of which is disregarded as an entity separate from the other owner, the eligible entity has only one owner and, thus, cannot be a partnership.
4(3)(b) provides an exception for amounts treated as proceeds of a disposition under description E of the cumulative eligible capital definition in subsection 14(5).
The victim's families also are eligible for a funeral benefit of a maximum $5,000.
Unemployed workers ordinarily not eligible for benefits may slip through the cracks if their separation from the firm is not properly documented.
Those eligible for assistance include spouses of victims, children aged 21 or younger, domestic partners or fiancees.
Eligible recipients will be able to receive a maximum of $6,000 for a maximum period of 15 weeks.
The DOE's Eagan said the agency intends to cast a broad net to include as many eligible workers as possible, including not only contractors who did nuclear work, but some subcontractors as well.
Nearly one-quarter of dually eligible beneficiaries live in nursing facilities.
The most that can be rolled over is the taxable part of any eligible distribution.
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