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ELIXIRElectronic LIbrary Exchange for Information Resources (Australia)
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You will just permit me to mix a little more of the elixir of life, and then, as the poet says, my plain unvarnished tale I shall deliver.
It is so beautiful to the eye that I could imagine it the elixir of life.
In one sense it is," replied Aylmer; "or, rather, the elixir of immortality.
I thought he was fit to die with shame, and there he sits grinning smiles, as good as to say, 'Let the world wag as it will, I've the philosopher's stone in my waist-coat pocket, and the elixir of life in my cupboard; I'm independent of both Fate and Fortune'"
It has taken me all these years to find my tipple, Bunny; but here it is, my panacea, my elixir, my magic philtre
Nay,'' said Isaac, releasing his hold, ``it grieveth me as much to see the drops of his blood, as if they were so many golden byzants from mine own purse; and I well know, that the lessons of Miriam, daughter of the Rabbi Manasses of Byzantium whose soul is in Paradise, have made thee skilful in the art of healing, and that thou knowest the craft of herbs, and the force of elixirs.
Not only is Elixir creating a hugely positive social and economic impact, but by the very nature of the business, is also creating a positive environmental impact.
Growth hormones join other elixirs that claim to restore youth
Elixir Medical is excited about the potential impact of this revolutionary technology on vascular intervention, and is committed to bringing DESolve to the market through evidence-based clinical research," said Motasim Sirhan, Chief Executive Officer of Elixir Medical.
Daniel is the driver and collections supervisor for Elixir Group, an awardwinning social enterprise on Knowsley Industrial Estate that creates opportunities for disadvantaged adults.
One year clinical results from the EXCELLA BD randomized clinical trial evaluating the Elixir DESyne BD Novolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System compared to the control Endeavor Zotarolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System were presented on behalf of the EXCELLA BD investigators in Paris, France, at the annual EuroPCR Conference by Professor Alexandre Abizaid, M.
Following are the details of Elixir Medical's programs and activities at the EuroPCR conference in Central European Summer Time (CEST):