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ELNGEgyptian Liquefied Natural Gas (Alexandria, Egypt))
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To create study cohorts of elongate hemlock scales, branches were carefully searched and all scales were removed to create scale-free branches that could then be inoculated with F.
Pronotum elongate, with lateral carinae subparallel; lateral lobes inflated along posterior fourth of pronotum.
Although this type of liner is more economical than a fitted liner, it is very problematic due to its tendency to elongate during discharge.
You click all over the home page until you discover that the six elongate diamonds across the bottom transform under your cursor to the six main sections of the site.
With the planets in this relationship, their mutual gravity caused Saturn's circular orbit to suddenly elongate.
The gold mineralization is localized in elongate zones along high angle structures.
The stretchy conductors described in the March 5 Advanced Materials may lead to implantable biomedical devices, including artificial nerves that can elongate as muscles extend, Gray says.