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EMETICEvan Mecham Eco-Terrorist International Conspiracy (US terrorist group)
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They found that incidences of emetic episodes were 20% in ondansetron group and 7% in granisetron group, which is clinically significant (P <0.
They proposed a shift away from the more trusted antiphlogistic paradigm of treatment, which involved emetics, calomel purgatives, cupping and bloodletting, and instead endeavoured to restore the body back to its natural state by hydration and heat therapy.
The regurgitation method, with tartar emetic (1%) in a dosage of 1 mL to 100 g body weight, was performed to obtain dietary data (Poulin and Lefebvre, 1995; Duraes and Marini, 2003).
23) Many other drugs (apart from emetic chemotherapeutic regimes) are known to cause nausea--some at therapeutic doses, eg opioids, and some in toxicity, eg digoxin.
The evidence, if guilty, would have been in the contents of their stomachs, which could have easily been found by a vet giving them an emetic to make them vomit.
Emetic potential of the chemotherapy and the prophylactic use of antiemetics each appeared to contribute to the overall severity of symptoms.
She's been picking up a good deal of litigation work from the fat bastards (a legal term) hell-bent on funding their craving for a dozen Krispy Kremes before breakfast by suing the arse off anyone with a big enough chemistry set to produce the emetic foodstuffs they crave.
The illness associated with rice is emetic and has a very short onset time (the time between eating the food and the time symptoms appear) Au between 30 minutes and six hours.
a 3-drug combination of 5HT3 serotonin receptor antagonist, dexamethasone and aprepitant on day 1 for chemotherapy agents with a high emetic risk, e.
When rushed to the emergency department during the emetic phase, CVS patients can present with blood in the vomitus due to prolapse gastropathy or Mallory-Weiss tears resulting from forceful heaves, erosive esophagitis, and aspiration.
The length of the recovery period reflects the adequacy of management of the emetic phase.
A Criterion Collection release of the 1944 Michael Powell and Emetic Pressburger film.