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EMFElectromotive Force
EMFElectromagnetic Field
EMFEclipse Modeling Framework
EMFEthiopian Media Forum
EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile (filename extension)
EMFEndomyocardial Fibrosis (idiopathic disorder)
EMFEnhanced Metafile Format
EMFÉtudiants Musulmants de France (French student Muslim association)
EMFEmpire Music Festival
EMFEuropean Metalworkers' Federation
EMFElectromagnetic Frequency
EMFElectromagnetic Force
EMFEdelweiss Mutual Fund
EMFElectro Magnetic Force
EMFElement Management Framework
EMFElectro Magnetic Field
EMFExtended Metafile Format
EMFEpsom Mad Funkers (band)
EMFEastern Music Festival (Greensboro, North Carolina)
EMFEuropean Multimedia Forum
EMFElectronic Music Foundation
EMFElectro-Motive Force
EMFEducational Media Foundation (Christian radio broadcaster)
EMFEmerging Markets Free (Economist index)
EMFEmergency Medicine Foundation
EMFExperimental Music Festival (various locations)
EMFEmpik Media Fashion (Poland)
EMFElectromagnetic Forming (manufacturing technique)
EMFEmergency Medical Fund
EMFEngineers Mobility Forum
EMFExpeditionary Medical Facility
EMFEllison Medical Foundation
EMFExport Marketing Fund
EMFEvery Man For Himself (song)
EMFEmbarked Military Force
EMFEnhanced Management Framework
EMFEat More Fruit (band)
EMFEmployee Medical Folders
EMFEnlisted Master File
EMFEvent Management Framework (data management)
EMFEuropean Multicultural Foundation
EMFEat More Fish
EMFÉcole de Moto Frontignanaise (French motorcycle school)
EMFEuropean Minigolfsport Federation
EMFEnterprise Management Framework
EMFEasymadeforms (website)
EMFEcole des Métiers de Fribourg
EMFElectro Motoric Force
EMFEmilia-Tan, Major Fairy (anime)
EMFExchange Money Forum (website)
EMFEmployee Master File
EMFEnvironmental Monitoring Fund (Environmetal Impact Assessment)
EMFExxonMobil Foundation
EMFEveritt-Metzger-Flanders Co (automobile manufacturer 1908-1912, Detroit, Mich.)
EMFEmployee's Medical File
EMFEvery Mother's Favourites (band)
EMFEquipment Maintenance Log
EMFError Multiplication Factor
EMFEnterprise Management Facility (USCG Telecommunications and Information Systems Command)
EMFExplicit Model Following
EMFFaculty of Electromechanics
EMFEnvironmental Morale Leave
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This invention makes High Tech Health infrared saunas one of the lowest EMF electrical products in the home, added the comapny.
The main sources of the EMF of the TS are threephase current conductors of the SG, each of which, with a symmetrical load of different phases, generally forms three current circuits [5, 8, 9], creating the MF.
He noted, "While the evidence linking EMF radiation to these health hazards is scratchy and not well formed, a precautionary approach will be prudent.
EMF can even affect the fetus if pregnant mothers are exposed to EMF, leading to low birth weight of neonates8.
The frequency and flux density of the sinusoidal EMF were maintained at 50 Hz and 2 mT, respectively.
In related news, EMF has acquired a silent FM translator in Davenport, Iowa from Benjamin Shafer for $32,000.
However an effort to determine possible effects of ELF EMF on brain activity, sleep disorders [9], different electrophysiological signals and creating state of anxiety is still in its infancy.
The acquisition will give EMF additional know-how and facilities to meet the needs of the optical coatings market, Peter Sulick, Dynasil's president, board chairman and CEO, stated.
Exposure to EMF could not have any considerable effect on hatching weight, heart, spleen and gizzard-preventriculus weights of hatched chicks.