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EMITEnzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique
EMITEmbedded Micro Internetworking Technology
EMITEngineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology
EMITEnergy Manager in Training
EMITEmergency Message Initiation Terminal
EMITEngineering, Manufacturing, Information Technology
EMITExamination, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing (various organizations)
EMITExxonmobil Information Technology
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In conclusion, enzymatic pretreatment of urine samples before Emit screening for benzodiazepines yields a highly significant gain in sensitivity of 20% at the cutoff value of 0.
The results have been impressive: a state-of-the-art coal plant generates about the same amount of pollution as a natural gas plant, and it emits 62 rimes less nitrogen oxide than a conventional coal plant.
The 112(g) rule applies to new or reconstructed emission units that have the potential to emit more than 10 tons/year of any single HAP or 25 tons/year of the combination of all HAPs.
In contrast, a 1992 vehicle, driven that same distance, emits about 100 pounds of exhaust hydrocarbons over a similar lifetime.
In a "Serious" air-pollution region, you're a major" polluter if you emit only 50 TPY, and you have nine years to clean up your act.
EMIT reportedly shows no significant interference from the CsA metabolites AM1, AM19, and AM4 N and only a slight cross-reactivity for metabolite AM9 [4].
Another regulatory trigger that could be exceeded involves state-implemented Reasonable Achievable Control Technology (RACT) requirements for facilities that emit VOCs at annual rates that exceed limits specified in the particular regulation.
While most FRP processors might doubt that they emit that much styrene per year, SPI provided two illustrative examples:
Urine drug screening is mainly performed by Emit immunoassay, i.
73 million commercial and residential lawn mowers, blowers and other utility tools emit 22 tons per day of volatile organic compounds - more than is put out by all the aircraft in the South Coast Air Basin, officials said.
OLEDs are semiconductors made from thin layers of organic material only a few nanometers thick, which emit light.