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EMITSElectronic Mail Invitation to Tender System
EMITSElectronic Mail Interface to Technical Support (SAS Institute, Inc.)
EMITSEnvironmental Monitoring of an Integrated Transport Strategy
EMITSEmergency Mobile Intelligent Telephone System
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But most of the land was swamp when we started, full of decaying matter, which emits tons of methane gas," Marie said, as she massaged her temples with her one free hand in an obvious effort to stave off a tension headache.
If these plants have not made changes that increase the amount of air pollution they emit, or are not emitting any new pollutants, they do not have to satisfy the requirements.
In addition to the above requirements for emissions units with a potential to emit after control that is greater than or equal to major source status, CAM plans must be submitted as a part of a significant permit revision under Part 70 or 71.
It has been calculated that 12 average-sized trees emit about the same volume of hydrocarbons in one day as a new car driven 30 miles.
Under the law's new, lower emissions thresholds, even smaller companies may emit enough pollutants to earn the "major source" title.
By varying the size of the dots, researchers can tune the crystals to emit different wavelengths.
73 million commercial and residential lawn mowers, blowers and other utility tools emit 22 tons per day of volatile organic compounds - more than is put out by all the aircraft in the South Coast Air Basin, officials said.
If an "open molder," under the "worst possible" assumptions for spray-up, emits 16% of its resin usage as styrene, it would hit the max.
Lin says his group plans to develop tungsten photonic crystals that include, on a single microchip, both a heated region that emits infrared radiation and another region that converts those thermal emissions into laserlike beams for driving telecommunications networks.
In a laser, material between two mirrors spontaneously emits photons, some of which bounce back and stimulate the coordinated emission of vast numbers of photons.