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EMTREffective Marginal Tax Rate
EMTRElectronic Modular Test Rig
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If your drip emitter system is connected to an automatic timer, you might go away for several days during the summer thinking the watering of your plants is secure, only to return to find that, due to clogged emitters, some of your plants have died.
Quartz-tube electric infrared and P3 emitter systems used for curing and drying applications in metal finishing, thermoforming, and paper markets.
The Optoma 3D-XL converter box enables 3D ready projectors including the Optoma HD66 and HD67 to connect to 3D Blu-ray players and the 3D-RF emitter and glasses system.
This combination enables an array of high brightness LEDs to be replaced by a single LED emitter and lens, cutting fixture size by at least 50% and delivering superior beam control.
Using a 1-gph emitter and 18-inch emitter spacing with lines spaced 18 inches apart (lateral spacing), the application rate would be 0.
Our new emitters ensure that each customer will have the best emitter for their specific environment," said Ian Matthew, director of marketing, StereoGraphics Corporation.
And as for durability, my original $50 system is going on its third year and has needed only occasional replacement of emitters.
To make the atomic light emitter perform, the Caltech team uses mirrors, optical elements, electronic components, and ordinary full-scale lasers crowded onto a room-size table.
Because it is a transistor, Big Blue's light emitter can be switched on and off depending on the voltage applied to the gate of the device.
Its small emitter unit is comparable in size to most UV systems, fits on all types of presses and can be retrofitted easily on existing presses.
You'll learn, for instance, that your car is probably your biggest climate emitter, followed by your home, your food, your flights and your waste.
A wide range of distribution appeared at the high emitter temperature levels with close distance between emitter and absorbing surface, while a uniform radiant distribution was obtained with increased distances.