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EMTREffective Marginal Tax Rate
EMTRElectronic Modular Test Rig
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The charging beam is generated by a laser emitter that the team configured to produce a focused beam in the near-infrared spectrum.
However, all these research studies are carried out to determine the losses due to different types of emitters using various diameter of laterals but conventional hydraulic design procedures of drip irrigation system usually fails to consider the pressure head loss caused by the projection of the emitter barbs into the flow.
A customer challenged the company with an application that required precise placement and bonding of preformed emitters within the extruded tubing without melting them in the crosshead.
The sensor is designed to receive IR pulses from an emitter with a peak wavelength of 940 nm.
Security & surveillance industry dominated both the infrared emitter and infrared receiver markets
The different emitters and adjustable spray heads let you vary the amount of water based on the weather and plant needs.
Residents demanded a mechanism to banned un-repaired and smoke emitter vehicles for ensuring the protection of their health.
The resulting multi-emitter test spectrum is composed of both recorded and simulated emitters.
To make quantum cryptographic key distribution using a single-photon emitter a practical reality, one big hurdle has been improving light sources.
Drip irrigation lines, as long as their emitters deliver 2 gallons per hour or less, are exempt from all watering restrictions.
According to Marsden president and CEO Gerry Lucidi, "The M2 is an affordable replacement emitter that is backed by the commitment and experience that our company is known for throughout the industry.