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EMOTEElectronic Multimedia Online Textbook in Engineering for Aeronautics and Astronautics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undergraduate Projects Laboratory; Cambridge, MA)
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The interpretation of EMOTE is based on from 1 to 4 clusters, and depending on the individual involved.
Gamers Will Experience an Intuitive Layout of the Most Common MMO Emotes, Accompanied By the Ability for Complete, Multi-Layer Keyboard Customization
Emote Games was founded eight months ago, and today employs eight people at its base in Liverpool and studios in London and Derby.
Emote Games will work with North America's oldest and most recognized conservation organization to offer the most realistic online gaming experience that promotes the Boone and Crockett Club's core values of hunting and land ethics, as well as the Club's widely recognized and accepted big game scoring and records keeping program.
A nice touch is the emotes system, which are animations that allow you to express your character visually.
We didn't emote like the psychodramatic choreographers of the 1930s and 1940s.
HOLLYWOOD "City of God" co-director Katia Lund told an attentive aud how she coached young men in the Rio de Janeiro projects to emote on cue during a Feb.
We get enough graphic, gory and disturbing evidence from journalists and cameramen whose job is to report, not emote.
The ``Mega Man'' games simply asked you to play and win, not emote.
As an actress, Botox is a waste of time because you can't emote
Properly fitted, a dancer's foot can articulate, gesture, and emote as well as a hand.