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EmoEmotional (music genre)
EmoEmergency Measures Organization (Canada)
EmoEmergency Management Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
EmoEmergency Management Office
EmoEncapsulated Multimedia Object
EmoExternal Manual Operator
EmoElectronic Maintenance Officer
EmoEmoticon File
EmoEvolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
EmoEmotional Rock (music, fashion)
EmoEnvironmental Management Office
EmoEcumenical Ministries of Oregon (Portland, OR)
EmoEmotive Hardcore (music genre)
EmoExpress Money Order (various locations)
EmoEmergency Management Organization (Canada)
EmoEmergency Off (definition used by SEMI)
EmoEducational Management Organization
EmoExecutive Management Office (various organizations)
EmoOffice of Emergency Management Oversight (US DHS)
EmoExposition Mondiale de La Machine Outil
EmoEclipse Management Organization (software foundation)
EmoEmergency Machine Off
EmoExtra Man Onboard (US Navy)
EmoExercise for Men Only (magazine)
EmoEuropean Mortar Industry Organisation
EmoEmergency Measures Office
EmoEnvironnement Matériels Objectifs (French: Environmental Objectives Materials)
EmoExam Master Online
EmoEquipment Management Office
EmoElektrik Mühendisleri Odasý (Turkey)
EmoEnvironmental Management Ordinance
EmoEffective Material Operator
EmoElectromagnetism and Optics
EmoExperienced Musicians Only
EmoEarly Morning Originator (airline industry)
EmoElectronic Maintenance/Material Officer
EmoEngage Missile Order
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The only thing that matters to us is the emotional state of the masses.
An emotional, tearful girl is not a person to confide in.
I can, at any rate, thank you for not dismissing me from your mind as a weak, emotional girl.
Objectives: The present study focused on assessing cognitive deficits and emotional deregulation as predictors of depression in pre/post patients of general surgery.
Besides giving the attendees an understanding of the basics of 'emotional intelligence' and its impact on one's professional success, the workshop was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how emotional intelligence affects one's behaviour, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.
Patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) commonly have emotional difficultiesa persistent problem with limited treatment options.
A study at the University of Vienna, published in the July 2017 edition of Animal Cognition, shows that dogs can match our emotional state.
ABSTRACT: The present research was designed to investigate the relationship between Depression and Emotional Intelligence Quotient among the medical and dental students of Nishtar Medical College Multan.
The purpose of this study is to study any relations of emotional intelligence on the stress of senior secondary have a high emotional intelligence level.
Objective: To translate, adapt and validate emotional labour scale for Pakistani corporate employees.
A study was conducted to find out the relationship between emotional intelligence and morale.
Abstract: Purpose: The current study examined the relationship of intellectual ability with emotional intelligence, academic achievement, and aggression of adolescents.