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EMOEmotional (music genre)
EMOEmergency Measures Organization (Canada)
EMOEmergency Management Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
EMOEmergency Management Office
EMOEvolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
EMOEmotional Rock (music, fashion)
EMOEnvironmental Management Office
EMOEcumenical Ministries of Oregon (Portland, OR)
EMOEmotive Hardcore (music genre)
EMOEmergency Management Organization (Canada)
EMOEmergency Off (definition used by SEMI)
EMOEducational Management Organization
EMOExposition Mondiale de La Machine Outil
EMOEmergency Machine Off
EMOExercise for Men Only (magazine)
EMOEuropean Mortar Industry Organisation
EMOEmergency Measures Office
EMOEquipment Management Office
EMOElektrik Mühendisleri Odasý (Turkey)
EMOEnvironmental Management Ordinance
EMOEffective Material Operator
EMOElectromagnetism and Optics
EMOExperienced Musicians Only
EMOEarly Morning Originator (airline industry)
EMOElectronic Maintenance/Material Officer
EMOEngage Missile Order
EMOExecutive Management Office (various organizations)
EMOExpress Money Order (various locations)
EMOExtra Man Onboard (US Navy)
References in classic literature ?
But his feeling goes beyond the mere physical and emotional delight of Chaucer and the Elizabethans; for him Nature is a direct manifestation of the Divine Power, which seems to him to be everywhere immanent in her; and communion with her, the communion into which he enters as he walks and meditates among the mountains and moors, is to him communion with God.
When returning from the races Anna had informed him of her relations with Vronsky, and immediately afterwards had burst into tears, hiding her face in her hands, Alexey Alexandrovitch, for all the fury aroused in him against her, was aware at the same time of a rush of that emotional disturbance always produced in him by tears.
And this phenomenon, deserving justly to be classed amongst the marvels of science, induced in Mr Verloc an emotional state of dread and exasperation tending to express itself in violent swearing.
The only thing that matters to us is the emotional state of the masses.
Nothing could equal the fullness of that moment, the ideal completeness of that emotional experience which had come to me without the preliminary toil and disenchantments of an obscure career.
It stands recorded in the pages of his self-confession, that it nearly suffocated him physically with an emotional reaction of hate and dismay, as though her appearance had been a piece of accomplished treachery.
She had behaved unworthily, like an emotional French girl.
An emotional, tearful girl is not a person to confide in.
I can, at any rate, thank you for not dismissing me from your mind as a weak, emotional girl.
Six Seconds has created a special InspirED free eLearning program for educators to develop additional social emotional learning skills:
Goleman [22] believed that emotional intelligence was a set of different skills that can be created through training or teaching and learning in others.
Before long, you begin responding to your surroundings with emotional intelligence without even having to think about it.