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The initial tasks were to re-excavate the underground magazines and the two Barbette gun emplacements.
The authors argue that neither analogue nor numerical modelling has been particularly successful in resolving questions related to high-level magma emplacement.
In addition to developing the degradable taggant itself, the team will also develop a conceptual design for a robust sensor system that can be used to quickly and accurately detect changes in an area of interest that are characteristic of IED emplacement or other asymmetric threat activities.
kimberlitic structural emplacement corridors up to 15km in length.
The depot also recycles Humvees in a process called recapitalization, refurbishes heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks and is the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for tactical wheeled vehicles, small emplacement excavators.
Modern times have brought different kinds of threats--the site was used as gun emplacement during Cambodia's prolonged civil war and the surrounding area extensively landmined.
Examples abound in which aircrew traced and foiled improvised explosive device emplacement operations by anticoalition personnel, tracked individual cell movement during Al Fallujah clean-up operations, and produced targeting information that allowed "danger close" missions to be conducted with relative ease.
Once it had been a gun emplacement, but now there was no gun, only the shade of Euripides or Aeschylus declaiming as twittering swallows skimmed the green pool filling its center.
Its mission is to detect and prevent emplacement of IEDs by patrolling the main routes in the city of Mosul.
Early coeval diorite and granite magmas are concomitant with the development of pure flattening fabrics and are succeeded by emplacement of a suite of generally unfoliated granites intruded in a brittle fracture regime.
defenses to capture an artillery emplacement and use it against U.
According to Field Manual (FM) 20-32, obstacle emplacement authority is the jurisdiction that a unit commander has to emplace tactical obstacles.