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The recommendation by the committee was not implemented by the body responsible for MPs' pay and expenses, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) and it remains entirely within the rules to employ partners, spouses or family members.
The ban means, for example, that Ukip leader Nigel Farage will no longer be permitted to employ his German wife In 2009, an Independent Panel chaired by businessman Sir Roger Jones recommended that the practice should cease.
The four Labour members who did not answer included Hugh Henry, whose sister-inlaw Lindsay McAlpine has been his office manager since 2000, and James Kelly, who employs his wife Alexa as office manager.
Julie Kirkbride (Con Bromsgrove) * employs her sister Karen Leadley as a part-time secretary.
The SNP MSPs include Nicola Sturgeon, who employs her mother Joan, Brian Adam, who employs his son Alan, Willie Coffey, who employs his sister Helen, Angela Constance, who employs her mother-in-law Mary Knox, and Kenneth Gibson, who employs wife Patricia.
He agrees with Coletti that President Bush should have said more about punishing those who employ illegals, but says words won't make a difference.
Whenever an offense employs a Wide-Slot tight end set with two backs in the backfield, we will flop our corner and reduce the safety on the tight-end side.
Officers employ such weapons to incapacitate dangerous subjects who have refused to obey other commands or tactics.
He operates three private physiotherapy clinics in Sudbury which employ a total of eight health-care professionals.
Fluid bed reclamation systems employ of a variety of fluid bed reactors designed and built as separate components or integrated into one common structure.
In areas like kerbside collections of compostable waste and parks, for example, there is more work to do throughout the summer than the winter and so it makes financial sense to employ agency workers during these months rather than have more staff on the payroll at times when the workload is lighter.
One of the issues the committee is considering is whether MPs should continue to be allowed to recruit and employ staff personally, or whether they should become direct employees of the House of Commons.