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A steady stream of employees was pouring through the gate--employees of the higher sort, at this hour, clerks and stenographers and such.
It was like a wonderful poem to him, and he took it all in guilelessly--even to the conspicuous signs demanding immaculate cleanliness of the employees.
I fear,' he said, 'that I cannot discuss my affairs with Mr Blaythwayt's employees.
And Michael followed at the heels of his latest and most terrible master, the twain leading the procession of employees and visiting professional animal men who trooped along behind.
And Harris Collins, a sliver of a less than a light-weight man, who lived in mortal fear that at table the mother of his children would crown him with a plate of hot soup, went into the cage, before the critical audience of his employees and professional visitors, armed only with a broom-handle.
Presidents of great railway systems bought whole editions of it to give to their employees.
The newspapers published information of an unprecedented rise in wages and shortening of hours for the railroad employees, the iron and steel workers, and the engineers and machinists.
The captains of war, at your command, have shot down like dogs your employees in a score of bloody strikes.
He had insisted, however, upon efficiency in the work, and had, therefore, paid off certain drunken and idle employees who were members of the all-powerful society.
The message brought to mind a moment 25 years ago, in March 1982, when my boss, a General Motors vice president, finally gave me the go-ahead to begin employee trust research.
The RSC first made an employee an offer for the home, based on an average of two independent appraisals.