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EMUEuropean Monetary Union
EMUEconomic and Monetary Union (Maastricht Treaty of 1992)
EMUEastern Michigan University
EMUEastern Mediterranean University (Turkey)
EMUEastern Mennonite University (Virginia)
EMUExtravehicular Mobility Unit
EMUEconomische en Monetaire Unie (Dutch)
EMUEpilepsy Monitoring Unit
EMUErb Memorial Union (University of Oregon)
EMUElectromagnetic Unit(s)
EMUEAP Method Update
EMUEuropean Monetary Unit
EMUEnvironmental Monitoring Unit
EMUEmergency Management Unit
EMUElectrical Multiple Unit (electrically powered train)
EMUEnhanced Mini-USB
EMUElectron Microscopy Unit
EMUEarly Morning Urine
EMUEmergency Medical Unit
EMUEngine Monitoring Unit
EMUElectronic Monitoring Unit
EMUExtravehicular Maneuvering Unit
EMUElectronic Music Umbrella
EMUEmergency Medicine Update
EMUEngineering Model Unit
EMUElectrical Motor Unit (train locomotive)
EMUEarly Morning Update
EMUEstimated Monthly Usage
EMUElectromotive Unit
EMUEvaluation, Mobility, Usability (Mobile Digital Commons Network)
EMUEnterprise User and Import Management Utility
EMUElectronics Maintenance Unit (US Coast Guard)
EMUEnhanced Manpack UHF
EMUElectron Mass Unit
EMUElectric and Mechanical Unit
EMUElectronic Mockup
EMUEkonomska in Monetarna Unija (Slovenian: Economic and Monetary Union; EU)
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Choosing the right emulator for TI embedded processor development If a developer is unsure whether to move from an entry-level XDS100 to the new XDS200, they can visit http://www.
In the process of working with the new Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Emulator, we were able to cut the number of test discs needed per month from roughly 200 down to 50, saving more than 100 work hours per month.
An emulator of a gen-1 computer is denoted that runs on a gen-J computer as em1:J.
Unlike other voice enabled terminal emulation solutions on the market which are 100% client side, the SyVox Emulator also addresses common issues in a TE environment such as session persistence and remote visibility.
See this technical description of the universal system component emulator IP sales offering.
Developers will be able to leverage the USB510L emulator across a range of TI processors, providing them with an easy-to-use tool at a cost efficient price.
The TrueChannel Emulator scales with customer needs and is available in 2X2, 3X3 or 4X4 configurations.
Designers need only to drag and drop the preconfigured target and emulator configurations and start CCStudio to set up projects in JTAGjet-TMS-C2000.
I was developing Ethernet packet mangling and filtering software several years ago when emulator vendor Ikos Systems approached me to create a speed bridge," said Bob Zeidman, the inventor of Molasses and president of Zeidman Technologies.
Using the JACK does not require any changes to your emulator or CCStudio setup.
MULTI-FLOW enables the MAUI Network Emulator to simulate up to 16 IP/Ethernet networks or streams of data -- each with unique delays and impairments.