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EMUEuropean Monetary Union
EMUEconomic and Monetary Union (Maastricht Treaty of 1992)
EMUEastern Michigan University
EMUEastern Mediterranean University (Turkey)
EMUEastern Mennonite University (Virginia)
EMUExtravehicular Mobility Unit
EMUEconomische en Monetaire Unie (Dutch)
EMUEpilepsy Monitoring Unit
EMUErb Memorial Union (University of Oregon)
EMUElectromagnetic Unit(s)
EMUEAP Method Update
EMUEuropean Monetary Unit
EMUEnvironmental Monitoring Unit
EMUEmergency Management Unit
EMUElectrical Multiple Unit (electrically powered train)
EMUEnhanced Mini-USB
EMUElectron Microscopy Unit
EMUEarly Morning Urine
EMUEmergency Medical Unit
EMUEngine Monitoring Unit
EMUElectronic Monitoring Unit
EMUExtravehicular Maneuvering Unit
EMUElectronic Music Umbrella
EMUEmergency Medicine Update
EMUEngineering Model Unit
EMUElectrical Motor Unit (train locomotive)
EMUEarly Morning Update
EMUEstimated Monthly Usage
EMUElectromotive Unit
EMUEvaluation, Mobility, Usability (Mobile Digital Commons Network)
EMUEnterprise User and Import Management Utility
EMUElectronics Maintenance Unit (US Coast Guard)
EMUEnhanced Manpack UHF
EMUElectron Mass Unit
EMUElectric and Mechanical Unit
EMUElectronic Mockup
EMUEkonomska in Monetarna Unija (Slovenian: Economic and Monetary Union; EU)
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It's true, you may always utilize our Nintendo 3DS Emulators for absolutely free as much times as you would like, and we plan to deliver this service at no cost, for as long as we're on the web.
The post describes various ways in which gamers may come across one of these fake emulators.
As MindTree is widely respected for the quality and reliability of its wireless product line, the fact that the company chose the ACE MX MIMO channel emulator for its WiMAX and LTE testing needs is a powerful validation of our product's advanced capabilities," said Pete Paglia, vice president of sales and business development at Azimuth Systems.
In the process of working with the new Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Emulator, we were able to cut the number of test discs needed per month from roughly 200 down to 50, saving more than 100 work hours per month.
An emulator of a gen-1 computer is denoted that runs on a gen-J computer as em1:J.
Dynamic range is one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating the suitability of a multipath fading emulator for use in a given application.
The ADZS-ICE-100B Blackfin emulator performs a wide range of functions, including single-step and full-speed execution with predefined breakpoints, and viewing and/or altering of register and memory contents.
The ban on emulators might not affect Windows 10 PCs or Xbox as much as it would affect Windows 10 Mobiles.
With the SyVox Emulator, we eliminated the key integration hurdle, the need to change the customer's back end systems.
He then added controls for the emulator when it is running on the Apple smartwatch.
Seven of the foremost Wi-Fi semiconductor vendors, along with leading hardware vendors and service providers, are currently using the ACE 400NB, making it the industry's most popular channel emulator.