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ENACTEnvironmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool (web resource)
ENACTEuropean Network Against Child Trafficking (EU)
ENACTEffective National Action to Control Tobacco
ENACTEuropean Network for Acute Coronary Treatment (cardiology)
ENACTEnvironmental Neighborhood Awareness Committee of Tiverton (Tiverton, RI)
ENACTEnglish Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
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Questions remain about when and if Congress would enact a new funding source for the Trust Fund.
has implemented Fiserv's EnAct to support its commitment to a transparent, relationship-centric approach to business development across all enterprises.
Baghdad (NINA) -- Media Bureau of Parliament's Speaker Usama al-Nijaifi asserted, "Parliament's most important task is the right to enact laws being one process that can not be fractioned.
State legislatures also are passing a record number of resolutions that acknowledge the contributions of immigrants and immigrant-serving organizations, as well as asking Congress and the president to secure the borders and to enact immigration reforms.
A A A ENACT is a regional programme of technical assistance funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and implemented by ITC, a joint agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations.
Buffalo, NY) has published "A Legislative History of the Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act (SPARTA)," a new 820-page book that includes a collection of the relevant Congressional documents related to enacted legislation, supplemented with articles that highlight the issues and concerns about sports agent behavior that caused Congress to enact legislation.
This proposal would enable states that have adopted only the current version of SSUTA Section 312 to avoid having to enact additional legislation until all the issues are resolved.
Each state's legislature is encouraged to enact legislation establishing a new, uniform method of selecting presidential electors.
Only two states--Alabama and Wisconsin--failed to enact any property/ casualty legislation in 2005.