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ENAMÉcole Nationale d'Administration et de Magistrature (French: National School of Administration and Magistracy)
ENAMExotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses (conference)
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Then raising from their lacquered gloom Old keepsakes, tokens of undying love, A golden hair-pin, an enamel brooch, She bids him bear them to her lord.
On a sill by an open window, a jar of autumn leaves breathed the charm of the sweet brown wife, who seated herself in a tiny rattan chair, enameled a cheery red, such as children delight to rock in.
A cloud of dark smoke, as from smoldering ruins, went up toward the sun now bright and gay in the blue, enameled sky.
Regrowing tooth enamel has been regarded as well nigh impossible before because tooth enamel is a highly mineralized biological tissue.
Previous studies have reported the effects of enamel damage from various points of view due to exposure to bleaching materials, including morphological changes, increased roughness, decreased enamel hardness, loss of mineral composition, increased enamel permeability and increased risk of enamel caries.
Teeth with hypoplastic areas, fluorosis or gross irregularities of the enamel structures were excluded.
It modifies the chemical and crystalline structure of the enamel and prevents caries.
The lesions were categorized according to the new classification of Enamel white lesions (WSTC) consecutively as superficial, mixed and deep enamel white lesions.
Halcyon Days is a British retailer of luxury goods including enamel products, fine bone china, crystal etc.
It can be concluded that pre-etching with phosphoric acid results in better bond performance of silorane based composite specific self-etching adhesive system to enamel.
Some collectors regard Mosan enamels as the apex of medieval enamelling, with their distinct palette, subtle shading, and graceful designs.
In addition to fluoride, products based on calcium and phosphate can be an alternative for preventing tooth enamel erosion [12-18].