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He, therefore, left the lodge and walked silently forth to the place, in front of the encampment, whither the warriors were already beginning to collect.
But when the sun was seen climbing above the tops of that mountain, against whose bosom the Delawares had constructed their encampment, most were seated; and as his bright rays darted from behind the outline of trees that fringed the eminence, they fell upon as grave, as attentive, and as deeply interested a multitude, as was probably ever before lighted by his morning beams.
When these acts of affection and respect were performed, the chiefs drew back again to their several places, and silence reigned in the whole encampment.
The reader will readily anticipate that the savage had succeeded in gaining a dangerous proximity to one of those slothful sons of Ishmael, who were deputed to watch over the isolated encampment of the travellers.
Then he looked about him, with an air of something like watchfulness, suffering his dull glances to run over the misty objects of the encampment until they finally settled on the distant and dim field of the open prairie.
He looked back into the encampment, turned his head into the thicket, and glanced his glowing eyes abroad into the wild and silent prairies.
He now took the direction of the encampment, stealing along the margin of the brake, as a cover into which he might easily plunge at the smallest alarm.
Then raising himself on his feet, he stalked through the encampment, like the master of evil, seeking whom and what he should first devote to his fell purposes.
He profited by the delay to mature a plan which he intended should put the whole encampment, including both its effects and their proprietors, entirely at his mercy.
Carter challenged those in his courtroom to come up with money and lodging after the county moved last month to shut down the encampment along the Santa Ana River.
The encampment was estimated to accommodate at least 15 communist terrorists.
The development of a transit site will mean that the local authority and the police can direct any unauthorised encampment to the transit site, thus negating the need for legal costs, clear-up costs and spending money on target-hardening.