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ENCEncoded (File Name Extension)
ENCEastern North Carolina
ENCEastern Nazarene College
ENCÉcole Nationale des Chartes (French: National School of Charters)
ENCEisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
ENCEgg Nutrition Center (Washington, DC)
ENCMime-Encoded (virus scanners)
ENCEnchanter (Everquest)
ENCElectronic Navigation Chart
ENCEuropean Networking Center
ENCEquivalent Noise Charge
ENCElectronic Noise Cancellation
ENCEncuentro Nacional de Computación
ENCEngenharia de Computação (Portuguese: Computer Engineering)
ENCChief Engineman (Naval Rating)
ENCEnvironment North Carolina
ENCEnterprise Network Carrier (Convergent)
ENCExxon Nuclear Company, Inc.
ENCECCM Network Controller
ENCExcess Net Capital
ENCEnforced Collections
ENCEnteral Nutrition Council
ENCEnti Non Commerciali (Italian: Non-Commercial Entity)
ENCEnglish News Channel (website)
ENCExamen National Classant (French: National Ranking Examination)
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The first was a 52-minute file encoded to 11 separate presets in an adaptive streaming group, output to MP4 files for RTMP-based Flash Dynamic Streaming.
Therefore, additional hot spot regions may exist in SXT elements for insertion of DNA; otherwise the trimethoprim resistance gene is not encoded within SX[T.
Words which are not in the main language of the text also need to be encoded so that they can be distinguished.
In addition, Dolby Media Tools offers bitstream and metadata editing features to save costly reencoding of previously encoded audio files.
What is really special about Spinnaker is its real-time encoded output, delivered in the SMPTE VC-1 and Windows Media formats - ideal for networked media.