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EFTOEncrypt for Transmission Only
EFTOEncrypt(ed) For Transmission Only (US DoD)
EftoEfficiency of Power Generation for Transportation Use with Oil (Carolina Environmental Program)
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The key user should forward it to the archive before using the key to encrypt data.
The First Hosted eMessaging Provider to Offer Easy to Use Service That Encrypts and Digitally Signs All Outgoing Electronic Communications
For example, SpectraLogic's BlueScale Encryption solution encrypts key copies (exported keys that can be stored elsewhere) using a pass-phrase chosen at export time.
Despite appliances' ability to encrypt data at rest, knowing what data to encrypt today is important to optimize costs and more importantly to protect critical information from theft.
Encrypts every portion of the hard drive - not leaving any residual bytes unencrypted should the hard drive be partitioned
relied on Cinea's S-View anti-piracy technology to encrypt DVD screeners such as Blood Diamond, Dreamgirls, Flags of Our Fathers, and The Pursuit of Happyness for consideration with BAFTA members worldwide.
The program requires a digital certificate to authenticate the user and encrypt files, outgoing e-mails and chat sessions.