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E/IEnd Item
E/IEducational/Instructional (TV rating)
E/IEyedrop and Intranasal Route (animal health)
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The PEOs and their subordinate program managers acquire major end items and capabilities for the force, and TACOM teams with them to sustain the equipment once it is fielded.
A list of all COEI and 811 needs to be generated for each end item on the property book, and these component lists are typically written using a DA Form 2062.
To enable a more accurate determination of the value of military equipment, every military equipment end item included in the program description must be uniquely identified.
Examples of such costs include the cost of the end item with the cost of all associated government furnished equipment, training manuals, technical data, engineering support, etc., but excluding spares and support equipment.
MRP systems, as previously discussed, apply a lead-time offset to all components required for production of an end item. This allows the system to automatically order the components at the right times so they all come together for final assembly.
Similarly, the end item demand causes a change in common component usage.
For BOM structures for basic issue items, additional authorization lists, components of end items, and on-board spare parts, data management stewards will use the LPDS to communicate the structures from item managers to the tactical users.
* Additional Authorization List (AAL) items are authorized by MTOE, TDA, or common or joint table of allowances for use with the end item. Since they are optional, the unit retains these items if the end item is transferred or turned in.
Section 820, among other things: (1) allows the DOD to obligate funds for procurement of an end item under a multi-year contract, only if the item is a complete and usable end item; and (2) allows the use of advance procurement for only those long-lead items necessary to meet a planned delivery schedule for complete major end items that, under the contract, are to be purchased with funds appropriated for a subsequent fiscal year.
But the bracket was never added to the components of end item (COEI) in TM 9-1010-230-10.