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E/IEnd Item
E/IEducational/Instructional (TV rating)
E/IEyedrop and Intranasal Route (animal health)
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This capability will be complemented by GCSS-Army's ZBOMADD functionality, which will allow users to maintain a list of components that are associated with an end item or an individual piece of equipment as a supplement to the components listed in the ADS BOM.
An end item is not complete if it is missing these items.
All other deliverables that are bought with program money (such as initial spares, item-peculiar support equipment, special tools and test equipment) that cannot be directly attributed to a specific end item.
Examples of such costs include the cost of the end item with the cost of all associated government furnished equipment, training manuals, technical data, engineering support, etc.
Similarly, the end item demand causes a change in common component usage.
BII stay with end items throughout their service life, even through turn-in.
Fortunately, you can go into the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) with end item NSNs and look up their respective item managers.
Breaking out components of end items permits the government to purchase the components directly from the manufacturer or supplier and furnish them to the end item manufacturer as Government-furnished material for future acquisitions.
This revolutionary approach will ensure the sustainment strategy is locked in providing all support requirements of a system, subsystem, or major end item from definition to disposal.
Thus, an agency such as an inventory control point (ICP) that owns the excess material, might argue that they are not legally authorized to sell excess material or services to a commercial contractor because: (1) authority has not been delegated to them and (2) they are not responsible for acquisition of the end item.
10-12--the end item code (EIC) for either stand alone equipment or a subsystem; it is left blank when reporting a system