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* Asked to agree or disagree that the protection of company data is a top priority for their CEO and other C-level executives, only 35 percent of end users agreed while 53 percent of IT professionals believe it is a top priority for senior executives.
The key outcome of this process for non-financial end users and corporates is that they are not subject to the margin requirements.
In an active conflict zone, enemy action can restrict or disable lines of communication that are vital to supporting the end user.' Likewise, in humanitarian relief situations, inclement weather or the destruction of infrastructure can compromise the security of a line of communication.
End users should communicate the purpose of the application, the tool that is being used to develop the application, their contact information, the location of the application, and the location of the application's documentation.
A structural model of end user computing satisfaction and user performance.
Although neither Gensler nor other CFTC staffers have explicitly expressed support for margin requirements for end users, neither have they nixed the possibility.
Still, when it comes to delivering answers, whether using solid, reliable--dare I say library-quality--material from the invisible Web or decision-quality information from the open Web, the end user must be offered guides to the best material.
Findings from one recent survey of coatings end users relevant to upstream suppliers include:
As a result, both researchers and practitioners are challenged to find new ways to train end users. In response to this challenge, researchers have studied key variables such as training support and delivery techniques, and individual differences that can be manipulated to enhance training program design.
Internet Practice Press and Best Business Books, both imprints of The Haworth Press, Inc., have announced the forthcoming publication of the new Journal of End User Computer Support, to be edited by Ron Berry.
The more greatly stressed, untrained, and probably more highly paid end user? Or one of Drucker's specially prepared, and often more lowly paid (at least in the case of librarians), knowledge workers or information intermediaries?