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ESVEnglish Standard Version (Bible)
ESVENSCO International (stock symbol)
ESVEnd-Systolic Volume
ESVEscalade Stretch Vehicle
ESVExperimental Sport Vehicle
ESVExtrasystoles Ventriculaires (French: Ventricular Extrasystoles)
ESVEntente Sportive de Vitry (French sports club)
ESVEnergy Safe Victoria (Australia)
ESVExpanded Service Volume
ESVEisenbahner Sport Verein (German: Railwaymen Sports Club)
ESVExperimental Safety Vehicle
ESVEnhanced Safety Vehicles (conference)
ESVEntente Sportive Valletaise (French sports club)
ESVÉtoile Sportive Villenouvelloise (French sports club)
ESVExpanded Scale Voltmeter
ESVEngineer Squad Vehicle
ESVÉtoile Sportive de Veauche (French sports club)
ESVÉtoile Sportive de Vauhallan (French sports club)
ESVEntente Sportive Versaillaise (French sports club; Versailles, France)
ESVEmergency Shutoff Valve
ESVEngineer Support Vehicle
ESVEntente Spéléologique Vosgienne (French caving society)
ESVÉlectricité Service Var (French electricity service)
ESVEarth Satellite Vehicle
ESVEnsemble Scolaire St. Vincent (French school)
ESVEmergency Stop Valve
ESVÉtoile Sportive Viviéroise (French sports club)
ESVEngine Shop Visit
ESVErrored Seconds VT1 (Telabs)
ESVEssential Siphon Vacuum Pump (nuclear plants)
ESVÉtoile Sportive du Vignoble (French sports club)
ESVEnvironnements Sédimentaires et Volcaniques (French: Volcanic and Sedimentary Environments)
ESVEnding Sexual Violence (booklet/organization/class)
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The mean values of the end-systolic volume of the left ventricle, end-diastolic volume of the left ventricle, end-systolic dimension of the left ventricle, and end-diastolic dimension of the left ventricle in patients of the third group with decompensated CPH were also significantly higher compared with the respective values in patients in the first and the second groups (p < 0.
The loss of cardiac inotropy (contractility) results in a lower ventricular stroke volume and ejection fraction by decreasing end-systolic volume.
The heart functions monitored by the researchers included right ventricular ejection fraction (RVEF), end-systolic volume (volume of blood at the maximum contraction point, ESV), and end-diastolic volume (volume of blood when at the maximum filling point, EDV), stroke volume and cardiac output.
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