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ENDEnd of Data
ENDEnergy Never Dies (Black Eyed Peas album)
ENDÉcole Nationale des Douanes (French: National Customs School)
ENDEffort Never Dies
ENDÉquipes Notre-Dame (Teams of our lady)
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ENDEmergency Network Diagnostics
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It is known that the following groups are determined by their endomorphism semigroups in the class of all groups: finite Abelian groups ([6], Theorem 4.2), dihedral 2-groups ([8], Theorem 3.1), generalized quaternion groups ([9]), finite groups of order 16 ([11]).
[6]) to the study of non-isomorphic surjective endomorphisms of projective varieties, we sometimes encounter serious troubles: Let f: X [right arrow] X be a non-isomorphic etale endomorphism.
The endomorphism algebra [End.sub.k](M, [mu]) can be considered as a monoidal Hom-algebra, where the Hom-multiplication is the composite of morphisms, the unit is the identity homomorphism, and the twisting map [iota]: [End.sub.k](M, [mu]) [right arrow] [End.sub.k](M, [mu]) is given by [iota]([phi]) = [mu][phi][[mu].sup.-1], for [phi] [member of] [End.sub.k](M, [mu]).
Let V be a finite dimensional vector space over F and D be an endomorphism of V with [D.sup.2] = Id.
The index was defined in Section 2 for endomorphisms in this category.
(2) In general theory [32] the shift operator a : K [right arrow] K is only an endomorphism of K, not necessarily injective.
The Kronecker endomorphism I [member of] [GAMMA](End([pi])) = End([GAMMA]([pi])) acts locally as:
[8] also showed that on an arbitrary computable probability space ([OMEGA], F, P) space with no atoms [omega] [member of] [OMEGA] is Schnorr random if and only if [omega] is [theta] typical for every mixing endomorphism [theta].
Let H be a finite abelian group written additively and End(H) be the endomorphism ring of H.
American Psychological Association acclaims massage for lowering heart rate, lowering blood pressure, relaxation of muscles, production of endomorphism and production of body chemicals that makes one feels good.
Using the Frobenius endomorphism and its combination with point halving: Extensions and mathematical analysis, Algorithmica 46 (2006), 249-270.