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ENIGMAEngine for the Neutralizing of Information by the Generation of Miasmic Alphabets
ENIGMAEnvironment for Notation utilizing Intelligent Graphic Music Algorithms (Finale Music Notation software)
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Enigma Recovery designs and builds data recovery software for consumers who have lost or deleted information from their smartphone, tablet or SD card.
He also supplied the four-rotor Enigma machine for use in The Imitation Game.
The Enigma ML is a hybrid lab and stand-alone diagnostic testing technology, intended for use in developed and investigational healthcare programmes.
8220;The Enigma Recovery range of products enable users to recover that lost data - and with the launch of our new digital range it's become a sure-fire way of generating revenue.
The joint solution is designed to integrate engineering and planning modules from Rusada with job card and technical content modules from Enigma, which should result in advanced MRO system for critical aircraft maintenance.
Provider of laboratory instruments and solutions The Tecan Group (SWISS: TECN) and Enigma Diagnostics Limited, the decentralised and point-of-care molecular diagnostics company, have signed a manufacturing and supply agreement for Enigma's ML instruments.
Like a game of 'Where's Wally' gone horribly wrong, Enigma follows a young badger as he tries to find the location of a number of magic items stolen from his grandfather's coterie of retired mystics and magicians.
Enigma is currently developing a series of multiplexed, HybProbe assays for infectious diseases including chlamydia, influenza and MRSA.
Also, Tony Blair was right to condemn it as 'an affront' to British sailors, since it was they, not Americans, who captured an Enigma machine from a German U-boat.
A final afterword focuses on an overarching view of enigma as "the boundary figure," related especially to birth and death (as in the Uraon riddle), but doesn't try to offer any final answer to the riddle of enigma.
Enrique Martinez-Lopez, who rediscovered Sor Juana's Enigmas after they had been lost for almost three centuries.
Enigma suggests that people in Africa took a different path.