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Airmen who choose to omit the words "so help me God" from enlistment and officer appointment oaths may do so.
It may be further recalled that advertisements have been floated to the media for enlistment in police force in which 25th April 2014 has been fixed as last date for submission of documents.
In 2005, the Department of Defense made it clear that home-schoolers "manifest favorable attributes such as reduced frequency of moral disqualification; as such they shall be afforded priority in enlistment programs.
Whitaker's enlistment reverberated beyond his own house.
As Carter, a former Army officer, knows well, there's no such thing as a "two-year enlistment," as the article seems to imply.
Those discharged under this program who have served 20 months of a two-year enlistment or 30 months of a three-year enlistment will receive 36 months of benefits.
I cannot understand why the Government doesn't invoke the powers which still exist under the Foreign Enlistment Act 1870.
What he never imagined, though, was that his enlistment would give way to the emotional--and in his case, physical--torture that awaits some gay and lesbian recruits.
Andrews, Chief, Recruit Movement Branch, is responsible for the movement of an average of 220,000 military recruits from the nation's 62 Military Enlistment Processing Stations to Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard basic training sites.
He said he was reminded of an explanation offered him by an advertising executive who was developing TV recruitment ads just after the Pentagon turned to an all-volunteer Army, when the Gallup Poll was showing Americans' attitudes toward enlistment at an all-time low.