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ENREngineering News Record
ENREnrolled (bill, resolution, etc. passed by both houses of Congress and re-typed)
EnRÉnergies Renouvelables (French)
ENREn Route
enrEnregistrement (French)
ENREnhanced Nutrient Removal
ENREgyptian National Railways
ENREnrichment and Reprocessing (technology)
ENREquivalent Noise Resistance
ENREnvironment & Natural Resource
ENROffice of Environment and Natural Resources (US Trade Representative)
ENRElectronic Noise Reduction
ENRExcessive Noise Ratio
ENRExpected Net Receivables
ENREnding Net Receivables (finance)
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Taxpayers will be ineligible for premium assistance credits only for periods they are enrolled in a CHIP buy-in program that has been designated as minimum essential coverage.
There were 288,052 children aged 4 or 5 years old enrolled in a preschool program in 2013 according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).
The study by the state Office of Higher Education and the Department of Education found that 65 percent of students who enrolled in college were still attending by the start of the third semester.
THE New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) says that enrolled nurses are a vital part of the healthcare team.
Scott Goodwin, who is enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
They consider students enrolled in the MPCP in either 8th or 9th grade in 2006, and a comparison sample of students enrolled in the Milwaukee Public Schools.
However, producers were required to give up some of the benefits of the old program, including a 20% reduction in the direct payments, a 30% reduction in marketing loan rates, and 100% of counter-cyclical payments if they enrolled in ACRE.
For too long, Enrolled Nurses have been content to wait to be informed about what is happening.
The DOT has provided the use of the local DTFs at Fort Gordon for the TTA site manager to facilitate training for soldiers enrolled for training via the Eisenhower Army Medical Center.
These data show that teens are enrolled in school at increasingly higher rates since the mid 1980s (when the CPS began collecting monthly enrollment data for persons aged 16-24), while fewer teens are employed during the school year than in the past.
Struggling algebra students are enrolled in a SuccessMaker Lab in addition to algebra.
Under the new rules, employees will be automatically enrolled in 401(k) programs as of December 2007.