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38) However, an employee who does not return to work because of the "continuation, recurrence, or onset of a serious health condition which would entitle the employee to leave under FMLA" or for circumstances beyond the employee's control, cannot be held liable for the insurance premiums.
Although EnTitle Insurance Company was established nearly 35 years ago, ENTITLE DIRECT was launched in 2008 and broke through the traditional agent model for title insurance.
New Partnership Between Unique Direct-to-Consumer Title Insurance Provider and Global Reinsurer Provides Significant Capital to Facilitate the Continued Growth of the ENTITLE DIRECT Platform
Entitle Direct Group founder and CEO Timothy Dwyer says, "We are excited and eager to add David Verklin to the board.
In support of the federal government's actions, EnTitle Insurance Company, the leading provider of title insurance and closing services sold directly to consumers, has created the You're Entitled program.