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ENTEar, Nose & Throat
ENTERA (European Research Area)-Net Transport (est. 2004; Germany)
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ENTEspace Numérique de Travail (French: Digital Work Space)
ENTEnvironnement Numérique de Travail (French: Digital Work Environment)
ENTElectrical Nonmetallic Tubing (also seen as ENMT)
ENTEducation with New Technologies (Harvard University)
ENTEast Nottingham Township (Pennsylvania)
ENTEnteral Nutrition Therapy (treatment)
ENTEGNOS Network Time
ENTEarth New Technologies
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ENTEnterprise Network Team (IT & telecommunications)
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ENTEnterprise Networks and Telecommunications
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On the next page of the Diary, another entry appears.
Both bear a strong affinity to the discussions of other celebrated bodies; and, as it is always interesting to trace a resemblance between the proceedings of great men, we transfer the entry to these pages.
Here the entry terminates, as we have no doubt the debate did also, after arriving at such a highly satisfactory and intelligible point.
My entry into journalism could not but strengthen the ties which united me to Rouletabille.
When Mrs Honour came downstairs last night she met me in the entry, and asked me when my master had heard from Mr Allworthy; and to be sure Mrs Miller heard the very words; and the moment Madam Honour was gone, she called me into the parlour to her.
Crossing this dusky entry, and on through yon low-arched way --cut through what in old times must have been a great central chimney with fire-places all round --you enter the public room.
For who could tell but what the next morning, so soon as I popped out of the room, the harpooneer might be standing in the entry, all ready to knock me down
Rub your feet on that braided rug; hang your hat and cape in the entry there as you go past.
Be it as it may, we have private reasons for knowing that a tall figure in a white sheet did walk, at the most approved ghostly hours, around the Legree premises,--pass out the doors, glide about the house,--disappear at intervals, and, reappearing, pass up the silent stairway, into that fatal garret; and that, in the morning, the entry doors were all found shut and locked as firm as ever.
Enfield and the lawyer were on the other side of the by-street; but when they came abreast of the entry, the former lifted up his cane and pointed.
Thus, the threat of retaliation acts as an entry barrier, and the greater the perceived likelihood of retaliation and the greater the perceived likely strength of that retaliation, the greater the discounting of future income flows and the lower the expected value of entry into the industry.
Typically, the C&M entry for the Finnish ballet master George Ge is clearly based on Koegler, rephrased but with no information either added or omitted.