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EQPEnvironment(al) Quality Program
EQPEnd Quantity Pricing
EQPExamen de Qualification Professionnelle (French: Professional Qualification Exam)
EQPElder's Quorum President
EQPEducation Quality Partner
EQPEquipment Object
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We were not fighters like them; we were cunning and cowardly, and it was because of our cunning and cowardice, and our inordinate capacity for fear, that we survived in that frightfully hostile environment of the Younger World.
Environment had determined what form that game should take.
And he proceeded to get acquainted with what was--in short, to know and to adjust himself to his new environment.
It shows us that a man with will may rise superior to his environment.
Cocky himself was the first to discover that the door was ajar, and was looking at it with speculation (if by "speculation" may be described the mental processes of a bird, in some mysterious way absorbing into its consciousness a fresh impression of its environment and preparing to act, or not act, according to which way the fresh impression modifies its conduct).
So the cub had no quarrel with his hostile environment.
Over the eternal collars and cuffs in the factory Maggie spent the most of three days in making imaginary sketches of Pete and his daily environment.
In an environment made up largely of sordidness and wretchedness they had kept themselves unsullied and wholesome.
The sudden darkness was comparative, not absolute, for gradually all objects of his environment became again visible.
I know, indeed, that one's environment may be so affected by one's personality as to yield, long afterward, an image of one's self to the eyes of another.
I did it because the way led to it, because I was only a human boy, a creature of my environment, and neither an anaemic nor a god.
I was wont to deny that heredity and environment could explain his own originality and genius, any more than could the cold groping finger of science catch and analyze and classify that elusive essence that lurked in the constitution of life itself.